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Graduate Programs

Courses offered 2011–2012

Click on section number for course details. Timetable view for Fall, Winter. To locate classrooms, see campus map.
If you are a graduate student outside the economics department who would like to take one of these courses, please see this page.
Number, section Title, instructor Day, time Location
ECO1010H1F, L0101 Mathematics and Statistics for MA Regular Stream and MFE Students MTWRF10-4
Note: Aug. 22 to Sept. 9
  Ajaz Hussain [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO1011H1F, L0101 Mathematics and Statistics for PhD and MA Doctoral Stream Students MTWRF10-5
Note: Aug. 22 to Sept. 9
  Martin Burda [course website], Shouyong Shi  •  Course outline
PPG2002H1S, L0101 Current Issues/Problems in Public Policy and Practice
  Instructor TBA
ECO2020H1F, L0101 Microeconomic Theory I (PhD) T 9-11, R 9-11 MP134, WW126
  Matthew Turner [course website], Ettore Damiano  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2021H1F, L0101 Macroeconomic Theory I (PhD) M 9-11, W 9-11 SS2110, WW119
  Diego Restuccia, Shouyong Shi  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2030H1S, L0101 Microeconomic Theory II (PhD) M 9-11, W 9-11, W 2-6
Note: Tutorial W 2-4 module 1, W 4-6 module 2
BA2185, BA2185, W(mod 2)-BL114
  Martin J. Osborne, Colin Stewart [course website]  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2031H1S, L0101 Macroeconomic Theory II (PhD) T 9-11, R 9-11 GE100, GE100
  Burhanettin Kuruscu, Ronald Wolthoff  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2050H1Y, L0101 Applied Microeconomics (ECO MAs only) See ECO2020 & ECO2030
ECO2051H1Y, L0101 Applied Macroeconomics (ECO MAs only) See ECO2021 & ECO2031
ECO2060H1F, L0101 Economic Theory - Micro (MA) T 9-11, R 9-11 SS2106, SS2106
  Yosh Halberstam  •  Course outline
ECO2060H1S, L0201 Economic Theory - Micro (MFE only) M2-4, W2-4 GE100, GE100
  Colin Stewart [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2061H1S, L0101 Economic Theory - Macro (MA) T 9-11, R 9-11 SS2111, WW126
  Tasso Adamopoulos [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2061H1S, L0201 Economic Theory - Macro (MFE Only) T 12-2, R 11-1 GE100, GE100
  Michelle Alexopoulos [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2101H1S, L0101 Advanced Microeconomic Theory II M9-11 GE100
  Marcin PÄ™ski [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2102H1F, L0101 Topics in Microeconomic Theory W4-6 GE100
  Xianwen Shi  •  Course outline
ECO2234H1S, L0101 Topics in North American Economic History M12-2 TC24
  Gillian C. Hamilton  •  Course outline
ECO2300H1F, L0101 International Trade Theory R 11-1 GE100
  Peter Morrow  •  Course outline
ECO2301H1S, L0101 International Monetary Theory R 11-1 GE106
  Margarida Duarte  •  Course outline
ECO2303H1F, L0101 International Macroeconomics T 11-1 LA248
  John E. Floyd [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2304H1S, L0101 International Trade II T 11-1, F 11-12:30
Note: F 11-12:30 is tutorial
GE106, GE106
  Daniel Trefler [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2400H1F, L0101 Econometrics I (PhD) T 1-3, W 11-1 GE100, BA3012
  Christian Gourieroux, Yuanyuan Wan  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2401H1S, L0101 Econometrics II (PhD) M 11-1, W 11-1 GE100, GE100
  Adonis Yatchew [course website], Victor Aguirregabiria [course website]  •  Course outline 1  •  Course outline 2
ECO2402H1F, L0101 Advanced Econometrics (PhD) R 9-11 GE100
  Christian Gourieroux  •  Course outline
ECO2404H1S, L0101 Empirical Applications of Economic Theory W 9-11 GE100
  Carlos Serrano, Junichi Suzuki  •  Course outline
ECO2408H1F, L0101 Econometrics (MA only) T 1-3, R 2-4 VC212, WW126
  Martin Burda [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2408H1F, L0201 Econometrics (MFE only) M 11-1, R 2-4 GE100, GE100
  Angelo Melino  •  Course outline
JPE2408Y1Y, L0101 The Political Economy of International Development T 2-4 UC248
  Gustavo Indart [course website], Richard Sandbrook  •  Course outline
ECO2410H1Y, L0101 Applied Econometrics (ECO MAs only) See ECO2400 & ECO2401
ECO2411H1F, L0101 Financial Econometrics T 11-1 UC256
  John Maheu  •  Course outline
ECO2500H1F, L0101 Monetary Theory I T 4-6 WW121
  Miquel Faig  •  Course outline
ECO2502H1F, L0101 Advanced Monetary Theory M1-3 GE106
  Shouyong Shi  •  Course outline
ECO2503H1F, L0101 Financial Economics I (MA) R 11-1 WW120
  Gregory Jump  •  Course outline
ECO2503H1F, L0201 Financial Economics I (MFE only) R 4-6 GE100
  Andreas Park  •  Course outline
ECO2504H1S, L0101 Financial Economics II W4-6 GE100
  Varouj A. Aivazian  •  Course outline
ECO2505H1S, L0101 Macroeconometric Models for Policy Analysis and Forecasting R2-5 LA341
  Peter Dungan  •  Course outline
ECO2506H1S, L0101 Economics of Risk Management M9-11 UC148
  Ata Mazaheri  •  Course outline
ECO2507H1S, L0101 International Financial Markets T 2-4 LA248
  Julian di Giovanni [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2512H1S, L0101 Topics in Business Cycles R2-4 UC255
  Michelle Alexopoulos  •  Course outline
ECO2600H1F, L0101 Public Economics I W 11-1, F 11-12 GE100, GE106
  Michael Smart [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2601H1S, L0101 Public Economics II T4-6 GE100
  Robert McMillan  •  Course outline
ECO2611H1S, L0101 Empirical Welfare Analysis R2-4 GE100
  Gordon Anderson  •  Course outline
ECO2620H1S, L0101 Topics in Health Economics T11-1 BA2135
  Shari Eli  •  Course outline
ECO2700H1F, L0101 Economic Development T 4-6 GE100
  Albert Berry  •  Course outline
ECO2701H1S, L0101 Development Economics I T 2-4 GE100
  Nicholas Li  •  Course outline
ECO2738H1S, L0101 Economic Development of China R 2-4 SK218
  Loren Brandt  •  Course outline
ECO2800H1F, L0101 Labour Economics I M3-6 GE100
  Philip Oreopoulos  •  Course outline
ECO2801H1S, L0101 Labour Economics II R11-1 SS1088
  Laura Turner  •  Course outline
ECO2803H1F, L0101 Methods for Empirical Microeconomics T11-1, F 10-11
Note: F 10-11 is tutorial
GE106, GE106
  Dwayne Benjamin [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO2808H1S, L0101 Topics in Economics of the Family M2-4 UC257
  Aloysius Siow  •  Course outline
ECO2900H1F, L0101 Industrial Organization I M10-12 BL728
  Frank Mathewson  •  Course outline
ECO2901H1S, L0101 Industrial Organization II R2-4 GE106
  Victor Aguirregabiria [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO3202H1F, L0101 Urban and Regional Economics R6-8, F2-4
Note: 9/15-11/4
GE100, GE100 / Fri-Oct 14 - GE168
  Diego Puga  •  Course outline
ECO3300H1S, L0101 Political Economy W11-1, F11 W SK218, F SS2120
  Yosh Halberstam  •  Course outline
ECO3501H1S, L0101 Economic Analysis of Law R 4-6 WW126
  Brad Heys  •  Course outline
ECO3502H1S, L0101 Energy and Regulation M2-4 GE106
  Adonis Yatchew [course website]
ECO3504H1S, L0101 International Trade Regulation (ECO students only) T2-4 FH103
  Michael Trebilcock  •  Course outline
ECO4050H1S, L0101 Topics in Risk Management F10-12 WW121
  Alan Yang [course website]  •  Course outline
ECO4060Y1Y, L0101 Graduate Research Seminar (ECO PhD only) W2-4 GE106
  Carolyn Pitchik [course website], Gustavo Bobonis  •  Course outline