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MA and PhD Programs

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Requirements

Institution Code: 0982
  • All applicants who do not have a degree (undergraduate or graduate) from a Canadian university must submit an official GRE® General Test Score (no exceptions).
  • Applicants who have a degree from a Canadian university are strongly encouraged to submit an official GRE® General Test Score, especially if their undergraduate degree is not from a major university.
  • This requirement must be met before a decision will be made on an application.
  • Note: The GMAT cannot be substituted for the GRE.
We expect applicants to achieve at least 160 in the Quantitative Reasoning section and at least 3.5 in the Analytical Writing section.

Application procedures

  • You must arrange for your official test score to be sent to the University of Toronto. When you do so, use both our institution code 0982 and our department code 1801 (to help get your results directed to us correctly).
  • In the GRE Score Report Request form, you must specify that all scores are to be sent in "General Test".
  • You must include in the scanned file that you upload with all post-secondary transcripts a copy of your GRE test results. Applications requiring a GRE that do not include a copy of the GRE results in the scanned file will be considered incomplete. Note: Your GRE test score document will not be checked off as received in the SGS online application until the official GRE test score document is received and recorded.
  • Please ensure that your first and last names are exactly the same on the GRE as they are on the online application to our program. If the names do not match exactly, your GRE score will not be matched with your application. If you erroneously use different names, you must notify the Economics Graduate Office giving the names used in each case and your applicant number.
  • Please see our FAQ pages (MA, PhD) for answers to commonly asked questions.