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Graduate Programs

PhD Program Admission Requirements and Process

Degree and course requirements

Applicants must have completed, or be in the process of completing a Master's degree in Economics, with an average of at least B+ . Direct entry into the PhD program with an undergraduate degree is not possible. Applicants educated in a country other than Canada should check the equivalent qualifications table prior to starting the online application (not all Master's degrees are equivalent to a Master's degree from the University of Toronto). The PhD is a full-time program. It is not possible to pursue a PhD on a part-time basis. Candidates are requred to remain in full-time attendance for the first three years of the program. There is one admission date, in September. There is no January admission.

Applicants must have a strong preparation in advanced mathematics, statistics, and economics, including MA-level Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, and Econometrics.

Please note that these minimum requirements do not imply automatic acceptance into the program. (See FAQ 1 for the typical profile of a successful applicant.)

Transcript, GRE, English Language Facility Test Score and Reference requirements

Transcripts from each post-secondary institutions you have attended must be scanned and uploaded following the SGS online applications instructions. Only successful applicants will be asked to have OFFICIAL copies sent to the department. See our application information and instructions for detailed information on transcript requirements. Applicants without a degree from a Canadian university are required to submit official general GRE test scores and may be required to submit official test scores for English Language Facility tests acceptable by the University of Toronto. Be sure to read the GRE and English Language Facility pages for important details on test score requirements. Note: The GMAT cannot be substituted for the GRE test score. Each application must be supported by letters of reference from three instructors, including at least two instructors from the applicant's MA program. Applicants are the best judge of whom else to ask to be a referee in the case where an academic reference is not available.

Important note: We accept only recommendation letters uploaded to the application website by the recommender. We do not accept hard copy letters or letters emailed to us. That means you must supply the email address of each recommender when completing the online application. The university's online application form allows you not to specify a recommender's email address, but if you do not do so, we will not process your application.

The Admission Process

Please read the application information and instructions prior to starting the university's online application.

Once the university's online application form has been completed and the application fee paid (best by January 4, 2019; final deadline January 25, 2019), applicants will receive an email message from the Department of Economics with a link to a supplementary form. When this form is completed and the Economics Graduate Office has received all required supporting documenation (best by January 25, 2019; final deadline February 1, 2019), the department will begin to review and assess the application.

As part of the online application process, applicants scan and upload their academic transcripts, including the description of the marking scheme, which typically is printed on the back of the transcript. Although applicants must perform this upload by February 1, 2019, we strongly encourage all applicants to do so as soon as possible.

The files of applicants who meet the minimum requirements and submit all required test scores and transcripts by the deadline will be reviewed by the Department of Economics Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will start round one offers for September admission in late March and early April and continue with subsequent rounds of offers until June. All applicants will be notified either with an offer of admission or rejection of their application by email by the end of June.

Please see our FAQ page for the answers to commonly asked questions.