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Graduate Programs

Courses offered 2017–2018

Click on section number for course details. Timetable view for Fall, Winter. To locate classrooms, see campus map.
If you are a graduate student outside the economics department who would like to take one of these courses, please see this page.
Number, section Title, instructor Day, time Location
ECO1010H1F, L0101 Mathematics and Statistics for MA Regular Stream and MFE Students MTWRF10-4
Note: Aug. 16 to Sept. 5
  Ajaz Hussain
ECO1011H1F, L0101 Mathematics and Statistics for PhD and MA Doctoral Stream Students MTWRF10-4
Note: Aug. 16 to Sept. 5
  Martin Burda
ECO2020H1F, L0101 Microeconomic Theory I (PhD) T9-11, R2-4, R9-11
Note: R2-4 (Tutorial)
  Marcin PÄ™ski, Ettore Damiano
ECO2021H1F, L0101 Macroeconomic Theory I (PhD) M9-11, W9-11
  Gueorgui Kambourov, Ronald Wolthoff
ECO2030H1S, L0101 Microeconomic Theory II (PhD) (Prerequisite: ECO2020H) M2-4, W2-4, R4-6
Note: R4-6 (Tutorial)
  Martin J. Osborne, Colin Stewart
ECO2031H1S, L0101 Macroeconomic Theory II (PhD) (Prerequisite ECO2021H) T1-3, R1-3
  Murat Celik, Serdar Ozkan
ECO2050H1Y, L0101 Applied Microeconomics (This tutorial is for for ECO MA students with permission to enrol in ECO 2020H and ECO 2030H only; e.g., MA Doctoral Stream.) (Co-requisites: ECO 2020H and ECO 2030H) [See ECO2020 & ECO2030]
  Instructor TBA
ECO2051H1Y, L0101 Applied Macroeconomics (This tutorial is for for ECO MA students with permission to enrol in ECO 2021H and ECO 2031H only; e.g., MA Doctoral Stream). (Co-requisites: ECO 2021H and ECO 2031H) [See ECO2021 & ECO2031]
  Instructor TBA
ECO2060H1F, L0101 Economic Theory - Micro (MA) T9-11, R9-11
  Colin Stewart
ECO2060H1S, L0201 Economic Theory - Micro (MFE only) M 4-6, F2-4, R4-6
Note: M1-3, F 2-3:30, Tutorial is R 4-5:30
  Yosh Halberstam
ECO2061H1F, L0201 Economic Theory - Macro (MFE Only) M 4-6, T 9-11
  Xu Tian
ECO2061H1S, L0101 Economic Theory - Macro (MA) T1-3, R1-3
  Michelle Alexopoulos
ECO2102H1F, L0101 Topics in Microeconomic Theory M11-1
  Xianwen Shi
ECO2103H1S, L0101 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory (PhD) (Prerequisites: ECO2021H and ECO2031H) W4-6
  Serdar Ozkan
ECO2104H1F, L0101 Quantitative Macroeconomics T5-7
  Sebastian Dyrda
ECO2234H1S, L0101 Topics in North American Economic History M11-1
  Shari Eli
ECO2300H1F, L0101 International Trade Theory R11-1
  Peter Morrow
ECO2303H1F, L0101 International Macroeconomics W11-1
  Joseph Steinberg
ECO2304H1S, L0101 International Trade II (Prerequisite: ECO2300) T11-1, F2-4
Note: F2-4 (Tutorial)
  Daniel Trefler
ECO2400H1F, L0101 Econometrics I (PhD) M1-3, W2-4
  Jiaying Gu, Yuanyuan Wan
ECO2401H1S, L0101 Econometrics II (PhD) (Prerequisite: ECO2400H or ECO2408H) M9-11, W9-11
  Adonis Yatchew, Victor Aguirregabiria
ECO2402H1F, L0101 Advanced Econometrics (PhD) W9-11
  Christian Gourieroux
ECO2403H1S, L0101 Topics in Econometrics Ph.D. (Prerequisites: ECO 2400 and ECO 2401.) F2-4
  Instructor TBA
ECO2404H1S, L0101 Empirical Applications of Economic Theory W11-1
  Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues
ECO2408H1F, L0101 Econometrics (MA only) M1-3, W2-4
  Martin Burda
ECO2408H1S, L0201 Econometrics (MFE only) M 11-1, W 2-4
  Angelo Melino
ECO2410H1Y, L0101 Applied Econometrics (This tutorial is for for ECO MA students with permission to enrol in ECO 2400H and ECO 2401H only; e.g., MA Doctoral Stream). (Co-requisites: ECO 2400H and ECO 2401H) [See ECO2400 & ECO2401]
  Instructor TBA
ECO2411H1F, L0101 Financial Econometrics R11-1
  Christian Gourieroux
ECO2503H1F, L0101 Financial Economics I M5-6, R4-6
  Peter Cziraki
ECO2503H1F, L0201 Financial Economics I (MFE only) M 3-4, R 2-4
  Peter Cziraki
ECO2504H1S, L0101 Financial Economics II T7-9
  Varouj A. Aivazian
ECO2505H1S, L0101 Macroeconometric Models for Policy Analysis and Forecasting R2-5
  Instructor TBA
ECO2506H1F, L0101 Economics of Risk Management T3-5
  Jim Goldman
ECO2506H1S, L0301 Economics of Risk Management T9-12
  Instructor TBA
ECO2507H1S, L0101 International Financial Markets M3-5
  Jordi Mondria
ECO2508H1S, L0101 Topics in Risk Management M7-9, F12-2
Note: M7-9 (Tutorial)
  Alan Yang
ECO2510H1F, L0101 Financial Market Microstructure T10-12, W6
Note: W6-7 (Tutorial)
  Ekaterina Malinova
ECO2511H1F, L0101 Empirical Financial Economics F1-4
  Peter Cziraki
ECO2600H1F, L0101 Public Economics I W11-1 F11-12
  Michael Smart
ECO2601H1S, L0101 Public Economics II T5-7
  Robert McMillan
ECO2611H1F, L0101 Empirical Welfare Analysis T1-3
  Gordon Anderson
ECO2700H1F, L0101 Economic Development R4-7
  Instructor TBA
ECO2701H1S, L0101 Development Economics I T3-5
  Nicholas Li
ECO2704H1F, L0101 Topics in Growth and Development T11-1
  Diego Restuccia
ECO2738H1F, L0101 Economic Development of China T2-5
  Loren Brandt
ECO2800H1F, L0101 Labour Economics I M3-5
  Aloysius Siow
ECO2803H1S, L0101 Methods for Empirical Microeconomics R11-1, F11
Note: F11-12 (Tutorial)
  Arthur Blouin
ECO2804H1S, L0101 Social Economics W4-6
  Natalie Bau
ECO2900H1F, L0101 Industrial Organization I T11-1
  Yao Luo
ECO2901H1S, L0101 Industrial Organization II R9-11
  Victor Aguirregabiria
ECO2908H1F, L0101 Industrial Organization and Competition Policy M11-1
  Frank Mathewson
ECO3100H1S, L0101 Behavioural Economics R4-6, M5-7
Note: M5-7 (Tutorial)
  Instructor TBA
ECO3140H1S, L0101 Special Topics in Economics, Topics in Behavioural Economics T9-11, M5-7
Note: M5-7 (tutorial)
  Instructor TBA
ECO3202H1F, L5101 Urban and Regional Economics W4-6
  Michel Serafinelli
ECO3501H1S, L5101 Economic Analysis of Law W6-8
  Paul-Erik Veel
ECO3504H1F, L0101 International Trade Regulation T2-4
  Michael Trebilcock
ECO4060Y1Y, L0101 Graduate Research Seminar (ECO PhD only) W2-4
  Loren Brandt, Carolyn Pitchik