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MA and PhD Programs

How To Apply


If you can only see the option to apply for Fall 2021, you are in the old system and need to use the new application system:

Document Submission

Please note: Do not upload extra documentation that is not requested in your checklist. You should only refer to your checklist of required documents to understand what to upload and to determine which documents are still outstanding for your application to be considered complete and ready for review. Do not send us any additional documents (e.g., research papers, theses, etc.). They will be discarded.


Please inform your references that they will receive an email request instructing the submission of their reference letter. Emails will be sent from “University of Toronto Graduate Studies”. Inform your references that they may need to check their junk mail to receive the reference request
If you use the same reference letter writers in multiple applications, the referees are required to submit multiple letters of reference on your behalf.


NOTE: successful applicants will be asked to arrange to have one OFFICIAL copy of each transcript (in the original language) from each postsecondary institution you have attended sent to the department. If you have a degree from a Canadian university for which the language of instruction is French, you are not required to submit English translations of official transcripts in the French language. Otherwise, official English translations must accompany all foreign documents not written in English. Transcripts must be provided by the issuing institution(s) as password protected e-transcripts or and sealed or signed across the back of the envelope by an official of the issuing office.

Steps Required To Complete Application

  1. After reviewing the program requirements, read the following instructions BEFORE you start your SGS admission application.
  2. Prepare your references early. If you are applying to the MA program, you need two references; if you are applying to the PhD program, you need three references. Please note that we only accept institutional email addresses for your referees.
  3. To begin your application, select “create an account to start a new application” under the “first-time users” heading.
  4. If you have already started your application, log in as a “returning user”.
  5. Use your email address and password to log into your application.
  6. From the application management screen, use the drop down to pick “application type” and select Fall 2022-2023.
  7. The graduate unit should be the Economics Department, your attendance type is full time or part-time, and your program of study should be selected before continuing.
  8. To submit documents that we have requested, please select the document type below and upload a Word document, PDF, or scanned image file. After uploading your document, please allow at least an hour for your checklist to be updated as received. If there is a need for additional documentation, the graduate unit will reach out to you via email.
  9. If your fall term grades have not been released yet and you cannot provide them by the document deadline in January, please provide them as soon as they become available, email your updated grades to including your application number, full name, and program applied to.
  10. Scan and upload your transcript(s)—which must include the respective institutional grading scale(s)—in PDF format for all post-secondary institutions attended. Ensure that each page is fully legible. To upload your academic history, you would need to upload one transcript per entry. If you completed a BA and MA at the same institution, you would need to do two transcript uploads. These transcripts are all deemed unofficial since they are self-reported. If you have a degree from a Canadian university for which the language of instruction is French, you are not required to submit English translations of official transcripts in the French language. Otherwise, English translations from a recognized translation service must accompany all foreign documents (including transcripts) not written in English.
  11. The number of references you need to provide varies by program. Please check the department/program website to confirm that information
  12. To add your references, add them one at a time by clicking the “Add recommender” link. You will be given the option of identifying your references as “academic recommendation”, “employer recommendation” and “professional recommendation”. Please note that we only accept institutional email addresses. We do not accept Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail email addresses.
  13. You must click “send to recommender” to submit the reference’s information. This will send an email to the reference letter writer almost immediately. It is possible that your reference might submit their letter before you have finished all your application details.
  14. If you require English Language Proficiency, you must self-report before you are allowed to submit an application. If you do not have the test scores available before the application is due, you can identify what you plan to take, a future test date, and leave the rest of the information blank.
  15. Application status: from this page, you can pay your application fee, upload your supporting documents, and update your mailing/permanent address.
  16. Submit your payment (online payment is preferred but mail-in payment is possible). You must make this payment by January 19, 2024 to meet the application deadline.
  17. Applicants to the PhD program must upload a research statement/statement of purpose in PDF format (maximum 2 pages).
  18. Upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) in PDF format. Your CV must have an "Education" section that clearly indicates all past and current post-secondary enrolments (undergraduate or graduate) and any post-secondary degrees obtained or underway. Failure to report any such enrolments or degrees may result in an offer of admission being withdrawn.
  19. If applicable, you must upload a scanned file in PDF format of an unofficial record of all GRE® General Test Score results following the online admission application instructions. (Your GRE test score document will not be checked off as received in the SGS online admission application system until the official GRE test score document is received and recorded.) You should also be filling in the blanks of your test scores in addition to the file upload. When requesting that scores be reported, use both our institution code 0982 and our department code 1801 (to ensure that your results are correctly directed to us).
  20. All application documents must be received before a decision will be made on an application.

Changes To Application

If you need to contact us about making changes to your application – please write a written request via email to: and include your full legal name as well as your reference number