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MA and PhD Programs

English Language Requirements

You are required to submit official English test scores if and only if (a) you do not have a degree from a Canadian university and (b) the language of instruction and examination for your degree was not English.

Equivalently, you are not required to submit scores if and only if (a) you have a degree from a Canadian university (regardless of the language of instruction) or (b) you have a degree for which the language of instruction and examination was English (regardless of the country in which you obtained the degree).

The minimum acceptable test scores are given in the table below. (We do not make any exceptions to these requirements; requests for exceptions will not be answered.)

Please note the following points.

  • If you have a degree from a Canadian university for which the language of instruction is French, you are not required to submit English Language Proficiency test scores.
  • Test scores more than two years old by the application deadline of January 25, 2019 will not be accepted (no exceptions).
  • Applicants from a non-English speaking country (other than Canada) whose degree is from a university where all courses and examinations are conducted in English must provide an official statement from that institution confirming the use of English as the language of instruction and examination.
  • A decision on an application will be made only after these requirements are satisfied.
  • If you are completing a program at a Canadian university and have been in Canada less than two years you are advised, but not required, to submit English Language Proficiency test scores.

TOEFL Overall score in Paper Based Test: 580
TWE: 5
Overall score in Internet Based (iBT) Test: 93
Writing & Speaking: 22
COPE 76 (with at least 22 in each component and 32 in the writing component)
Academic Preparation Course, School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto A final grade of B in Level 60

The TOEFL examination is offered in two formats: the traditional paper-based format (only offered on specific dates in a limited number of countries), and the internet-based format (IBT). Applicants in countries where the internet-based testing is not available must register for the paper-based TOEFL which includes the Test of Written English (TWE) component. The internet-based tests automatically include an essay rating component which is similar to the TWE. All applicants must satisfy a minimum score requirement on the TOEFL and on the TWE/Essay Rating component to be considered for admission.

Application procedures

  • You must arrange for official results to be sent directly to the University of Toronto. You choose the institutions to which to send your TOEFL score from a drop-down list, and do not need to know our "institution code." But in case you are interested, the TOEFL Institution Code for graduate studies at the University of Toronto is 0982-00 and the specific code for the Department of Economics is 0982-84.
  • You must include in the scanned file you upload of all post-secondary transcripts a copy of your English language test results. Applications requiring English language test results that do not include a copy of the these results in the scanned file will be considered incomplete. Note: You still need to supply us with an official test score, as discussed in the previous item.
  • Please ensure that your first and last name is exactly the same on the English Language Test as it is on the online application to our program. If the names do not match exactly, your test score will not be matched with your application. If you erroneously use different names, you must notify the Economics Graduate Office, giving the names used in each case and your applicant number.
  • Please see our FAQ pages (MA, PhD) for answers to commonly asked questions.