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Working papers
Stephen Ayerst, Loren Brandt, Diego Restuccia, Distortions, Producer Dynamics, and Aggregate Productivity: A General Equilibrium Analysis, Working Paper 775, 2024-05-10
Mohamed Coulibaly, Yu-Chin Hsu, Ismael Mourifie, Yuanyuan Wan, A Sharp Test for the Judge Leniency Design, Working Paper 774, 2024-04-19
Marijn Bolhuis, Swapnika Rachapalli, Diego Restuccia, Misallocation in Indian Agriculture, Working Paper 773, 2024-04-16
Xiaodong Zhu, China's Productivity Challenge, Working Paper 771, 2024-03-13
Philipp Böing, Loren Brandt, Ruochen Dai, Kevin Lim, Bettina Peters, The Anatomy of Chinese Innovation: Insights on Patent Quality and Ownership, Working Paper 770, 2024-03-08
Fernando M. Aragon, Diego Restuccia, Juan Pablo Rud, Assessing misallocation in agriculture: plots versus farms, Working Paper 769, 2024-02-20
Chaoran Chen, Zhigang Feng, Jiaying Gu, Health, Health Insurance, and Inequality, Working Paper 767, 2024-01-29