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Welcome to the undergraduate Economics website for prospective and current students. On these pages, you will find information about our programs and courses, as well as other useful resources and links. Read more...

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ECO101H1 and ECO102H1

Starting in the May-August 2017 summer semester, the Department of Economics will split the full year 1.0 FCE course ECO100Y1 – Introduction to Economics into two half year 0.5 FCE courses: ECO101H1 – Principles of Microeconomics and ECO102H1 – Principles of Macroeconomics.

ECO101H1 and ECO102H1 Course Description:.

ECO 101H Principles of Microeconomics
An introduction to economic analysis and its applications: price determination, market structure, decision making by individuals and firms, public policy. NOTE: extensive use of graphical and quantitative analysis.
Recommended Preparation:
MCV4U (Calculus & Vectors) and MHF4U (Advanced Functions), or equivalent secondary school mathematics credits

ECO 102H  Principles of Macroeconomics
An introduction to economic analysis and its applications from a macroeconomic (economy-wide) perspective. Topics covered include international trade and finance, role of money and the banking system, monetary and fiscal policy. Note: graphical and quantitative analysis are used extensively.
Recommended Preparation:
MCV4U (Calculus & Vectors) and MHF4U (Advanced Functions), or equivalent secondary school mathematics credits

ECO101H is a prerequisite for ECO102H
Students must achieve 63% in each of the half courses in order to gain entry into the Economics Major and Minor programs, and the Minor in Environmental Economics  (hence the old ECO100Y1 with 67% will be replaced with ECO101H with 63% and ECO102H with 63%).

More information about ECO101H1 and ECO102H1 is avaialbe at:



Bank of Canada Governor's Challenge

Congratulations to our Bank of Canada Governor's Challenge team: 24 teams from universities from across the country participated in the preliminary round of the competition. Our team was one of five to make it to the finals! They worked hard and did an excellent job representing themselves and the University of Toronto at the finals this past weekend, losing out in a close competition to the formidable McGill team.  Congratulations to all!  For more information on the results of the challenge, see this link.