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Joseph Steinberg

Associate Professor (on leave)
Ph.D. (Minnesota, 2013), B.A. (Pomona College, 2006)
Office: Max Gluskin House, 150 St. George Street, 226. Phone: 416-978-5396. Fax: 416-978-6713.
Email address:
Personal website: http://www.joesteinberg.com
Research fields: Macroeconomics, International economics

Selected research

  • Joseph Steinberg, "The Macroeconomic Impact of NAFTA Termination", Canadian Journal of Economics 53 (2020), 821–865.
  • Joseph Steinberg, "On the Source of U.S. Trade Deficits: Global Saving Glut or Domestic Saving Drought?", Review of Economic Dynamics 31 (2019), 200–233.
  • Joseph Steinberg, "Brexit and the Macroeconomic Impact of Trade Policy Uncertainty", Journal of International Economics 117 (2019), 175–195.
  • Timothy J. Kehoe, Kim J. Ruhl, Joseph Steinberg, "Global Imbalances and Structural Change in the United States", Journal of Political Economy 126 (2018), 761–796.
  • Joseph Steinberg, "International Portfolio Diversification and the Structure of Global Production", Review of Economic Dynamics 29 (2018), 195–215.
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