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Publications of Joseph Steinberg

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  • Joseph Steinberg, "Brexit and the Macroeconomic Impact of Trade Policy Uncertainty", Journal of International Economics 117 (2019), 175–195.
  • Joseph Steinberg, "On the Source of U.S. Trade Deficits: Global Saving Glut or Domestic Saving Drought?", Review of Economic Dynamics 31 (2019), 200–233.


  • Timothy J. Kehoe, Kim J. Ruhl, Joseph Steinberg, "Global Imbalances and Structural Change in the United States", Journal of Political Economy 126 (2018), 761–796.
  • Joseph Steinberg, "International Portfolio Diversification and the Structure of Global Production", Review of Economic Dynamics 29 (2018), 195–215.


  • Gary Smith, Joseph Steinberg, Robert Wertheimer, "The Next Best Thing to Knowing Someone Who is Usually Right", Journal of Wealth Management 9 (2006), 51–60.