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Undergraduate Programs


The following graduate students are willing to offer their skills and knowledge to undergraduate students in need of academic assistance. Please note the qualifications of tutors are based on the honor system, and are not regulated by the Department of Economics.

Eadie, Taryn

PhD student, entered 2021
Contact: taryn.eadie@mail.utoronto.ca
Courses availible for tutoring: ECO101, ECO102, ECO200, ECO206, ECO220, ECO316, ECO326; I can edit written work and help with coding (SQL, R, Python) for any course.
Qualifications: TA experience: Current Head TA (ECO105), previous TA (ECO202, ECO220) with tutorial / exam grading / written assignment grading experience.

Eadie, Taryn

PhD student since 2021
Contact: taryn.eadie@mail.utoronto.ca, cell phone 647-409-6114, home phone 647-409-6114
Qualifications: Current Head TA (ECO105); previous TA (ECO202, ECO220) with tutorial; exam grading; written assignment grading experience
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO101; ECO102; ECO200; ECO220; ECO206; ECO316; ECO326; SQL, R, Python

Taylor, Alison Kathleen

PhD student since 2017
Contact: alisonkathleen.taylor@mail.utoronto.ca, cell phone 343-989-2637
Qualifications: TA for Introductory Microeconomics; Introductory Macroeconomics; Financial Economics I and II; Money, Banking and Financial Markets; Risk Management
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO101; ECO102; ECO358; ECO359; ECO349; ECO461