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Undergraduate Programs


The following graduate students are willing to offer their skills and knowledge to undergraduate students in need of academic assistance. Please note the qualifications of tutors are based on the honor system, and are not regulated by the Department of Economics.

Bone, Heather Lynn

PhD student since 2018
Contact: heather.bone@mail.utoronto.ca, home phone 613-700-9848
Subjects interested in tutoring: Microeconomics, Calculus, Econometrics, Help with Editing Your Writing

Campbell, Connor

PhD student since 2018
Contact: cjames.campbell@mail.utoronto.ca
Languages: English
Rate: $50
Qualifications: MA(Economics), University of Toronto; Honors Specialization in Economics, University of Western Ontario
Subjects interested in tutoring: Microeconomic Theory (Any level); Macroeconomic Theory (Any level); Introductory Calculus; Introductory Linear Algebra; Econometrics (Any level)

Groga Bada, Joseph

PhD student since 2017
Contact: joseph.grogabada@mail.utoronto.ca, cell phone 647-518-6595
Languages: French, English
Rate: $50
Qualifications: Honours Mathematics, McGill University; TA Econometrics; TA ECO 100, Introductory Economics; TA Calculus; TA Linear Algebra; TA Real Analysis; Tomlinson Undergraduate teaching award
Subjects interested in tutoring: Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics; Game theory

Hu, En Hua

PhD student since 2018
Contact: enhua.hu@mail.utoronto.ca
Languages: English, French, Mandarin
Rate: 50
Qualifications: Specialist Math/Econ at UofT; Msc of Econ/Phil at LSE; Teaching 3rd year Micro for the last 2 years; Taught 1st Year Calculus for 2 years
Subjects interested in tutoring: Microeconomics Any Level; Calculus; Econometrics; Real Analysis

Jit, Sophia

MA student since 2017
Contact: sophia.jit@mail.utoronto.ca, cell phone 647-879-6324
Rate: $40
Subjects interested in tutoring: Introductory Microeconomics; International Trade; Economic Development; Economic History; General Essay Writing Help; Introductory Macroeconomics

Liu, Hui

PhD student since 2014
Contact: yihui.liu@mail.utoronto.ca
Languages: English, Mandarin
Rate: $50 per hour
Qualifications: TA for ECO375 and ECO100; BCOM(Economics and Accounting), MA(Economics), current PhD student; TA for ECO101 and ECO102
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO204, ECO220, ECO364, ECO375, RSM332, RSM333; MAT135, MAT137, MAT223, MAT224, MAT240, MAT246, MAT247, MAT301, MAT315, MAT401; ECO101, ECO102

Sinha, Dhruv

PhD student since 2014
Contact: dhruv.sinha@mail.utoronto.ca
Rate: $60/hr
Qualifications: Head TA ECO105, TA ECO101, TA ECO102, Course Instructor ECO206, BA (hons) Economics, University of Western Ontario (Gold Medalist), MA/PhD Economics (Toronto)
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO101, ECO102, ECO105

Yahya, Farhan

PhD student since 2015
Contact: farhan.yahya@mail.utoronto.ca
Rate: $70/hr
Qualifications: Hon. BA UofT (Economics with Minor in Math); Have taken most of the listed courses here at UofT.; TA for ECO100, ECO202, ECO365, ECO419; MA at UofT and currently PhD Student at UofT; Best TA Award at Economics Department, 2017
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO100; ECO105; ECO200; ECO202; MAT133; MAT135; MAT136; Introductory Economics; Calculus; Matrix Algebra; ECO324; ECO220

Zhang, Haofei

PhD student since 2013
Contact: haofei.zhang@mail.utoronto.ca, cell phone 647-998-2178, home phone 647-998-2178
Qualifications: B.com(Commerce: Finance); MA(Economics), U of T; TA for ECO358, 359; TA for MAT133 for at least 5 years; TA for ECO100 for at least 3 years
Subjects interested in tutoring: ECO100; Calculus; Microeconomics; financial economics; ECO200; ECO204; eco206, eco358,eco364, eco365