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Undergraduate Programs

Courses offered Summer 2023

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Course delivery table: Unless otherwise indicated the courses are delivered In Person. For other course delivery methods, please refer to the section colors

Online Synchronous   Online Asynchronous  
Online Synchronous (with in-person assessments) Online Asynchronous (with in-person assessments)
Qualifies for Data Analytics Focus

Number Section Title, instructor Day, time Location
ECO101H1F Principles of Microeconomics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Robert GazzaleoutlineLearning outcomes TR2-5 OI 2212
L0201 Kripa FreitasoutlineLearning outcomes WF10-1 MY380
L0301 Kripa FreitasoutlineLearning outcomes WF1-4 MY380
L5101 Robert GazzaleoutlineLearning outcomes TR5-8 OI 2212
ECO102H1S Principles of Macroeconomics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Nathanael VellekoopLearning outcomes MW10-12
L0201 (SYNIF) Nathanael VellekoopLearning outcomes MW12-2
L0301 (SYNIF) Nathanael VellekoopLearning outcomes TR10-12
L0401 (SYNIF) Nathanael VellekoopLearning outcomes TR12-2
ECO200Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Heather BoneoutlineLearning outcomes TR6-9 MP 103
ECO202Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory and Policy  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Olga Denislamova and Masoud AnjomshoaoutlineLearning outcomes MW6-9 RW 110
ECO204Y1Y Microeconomic Theory and Applications (for Commerce)  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Ajaz HussainwebsiteoutlineLearning outcomes MW6-9 MP 134
ECO206Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Laura TurneroutlineLearning outcomes MWR11-1 RW 117
ECO208Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Olga Denislamova and Terry YipoutlineLearning outcomes TR3-6 UC 179
ECO220Y1Y Introduction to Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Jennifer Murdock and Sobia Hasan JafryoutlineLearning outcomes MWR9-11 RW 110
L0201 Jennifer Murdock and Quinlan Tsun-Hei LeeoutlineLearning outcomes MWR11-1 RW 110
L0301 Jennifer Murdock and Quinlan Tsun-Hei LeeoutlineLearning outcomes MWR1-3 RW 110
ECO313H1S Environmental Economics and Policies  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Masoud AnjomshoaLearning outcomes TR2-5 BL 205
ECO314H1F Energy and the Environment  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Adonis YatchewoutlineLearning outcomes T1-4, F10-1
ECO316H1S Applied Game Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Sijie LinLearning outcomes TR10-1 SS 1073
ECO320H1F Economic Analysis of Law  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Robert BarberoutlineLearning outcomes MW2-5 UC 179
ECO320H1S Economic Analysis of Law  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Robert BarberLearning outcomes MW2-5 SS 1073
ECO333H1F Urban Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Jonathan HalloutlineLearning outcomes TR2-5
L5101 (SYNIF) Jonathan HalloutlineLearning outcomes TR6-9
ECO349H1F Money, Banking and Financial Markets  •  Calendar entry
L5101 George GeorgopoulosoutlineLearning outcomes MW 5-8 SS 1073
ECO349H1S Money, Banking and Financial Markets  •  Calendar entry
L5101 (SYNIF) Christopher D'SouzawebsiteoutlineLearning outcomes MW6-9
ECO353H1S Special Topics in Economics with Data Analytics: Sports Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Laura TurnerLearning outcomes MW 2-5 BL 205
ECO358H1F Financial Economics I  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheri • outlineLearning outcomes WR2-5 SS 1071
ECO359H1S Financial Economics II: Corporate Finance  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheri • Learning outcomes WR2-5 SS 2110
ECO364H1F International Trade Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Andrey StoyanovoutlineLearning outcomes TR10-1
ECO365H1F International Monetary Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) George GeorgopoulosoutlineLearning outcomes MW 1-4 SS 2135
ECO372H1F Data Analysis and Applied Econometrics in Practice  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Gustavo BobonisoutlineLearning outcomes TR10-12, WF2-3 MP 137
ECO374H1F Forecasting and Time Series Econometrics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Martin BurdaoutlineLearning outcomes MWF 10-12
ECO375H1F Applied Econometrics I  •  Calendar entry
L0101 (SYNIF) Yuanyuan WanoutlineLearning outcomes MT2-4, W12-2
ECO404H1S Topics in Managerial Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ajaz HussainLearning outcomes MW2-5 UC 152
ECO414H1F Energy and Regulation  •  Calendar entry
L5101 (SYNIF) Adonis YatchewoutlineLearning outcomes TR6-9
ECO428H1F Classical Economic Thought  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Kieran FurlongoutlineLearning outcomes MW2-5 UC 148
ECO480H1F Special Topics: Machine learning and data mining  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Clement GorinoutlineLearning outcomes TR2-5 AB 107