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Undergraduate Programs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Undergraduate Program

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  1. ECO101H1 and ECO 102H1
  2. Can I take ECO101H and ECO102H at another university and get credit for it?
  3. Should I enrol in (ECO101H1 + ECO102H1) or ECO105Y1?
  4. I had a low grade in (ECO101H1 + ECO102H1) / ECO100Y / 105Y. Can I enrol in upper year ECO courses or subject POSts?
  5. Can I take (ECO101H1 + ECO102H1) at UTM or UTSC?
  6. I received a transfer credit for ECO1**. Do I still have to take (ECO101H1 + ECO102H1)?
  7. Can I take a course for CR/NCR and count it towards an ECO program? [NOTE: this is not an exchange or transfer credit issue]
  8. I am going on an Exchange...how do I get transfer credits assessed?
  9. Transfer Credits - more information about transferability of specific courses