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Frequently Asked Questions about the MA Program

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  1. What is the typical profile of a successful applicant?
  2. What makes the MA program attractive?
  3. If I complete the MA program, will I be able to get into a good PhD program?
  4. Where do graduates of the program obtain jobs?
  5. Where do graduates who continue to a PhD subsequently study?
  6. What are the criteria for admission?
  7. What courses should I take to improve my chance of being admitted?
  8. How much does tuition cost? Do you offer financial aid?
  9. Do I need to take the GRE?
  10. Do I need to take the TOEFL?
  11. Do you ever make exceptions to your rules about the GRE and English Language Tests?
  12. Do you accept late applications?
  13. Can I take PhD level core courses to fulfill the MA core program requirements (MA micro, MA macro or MA econometrics)?
  14. Do I need to take PhD level core courses in my MA program to apply for the PhD program in the future?
  15. Is there a separate admission process for "doctoral stream" applicants who want to continue into a PhD program after their MA degree?
  16. Can more than two letters of recommendation be submitted for me?
  17. If I send you my transcripts, will you be able to tell me whether I will be admitted?
  18. Are applications from foreign students evaluated in the same way as applications from Canadian students?
  19. I'm not sure if your program is the right one for me. Can I talk to someone about it?
  20. My grades are below your minimal requirements. What can I do to upgrade my skills?
  21. I have a three-year Bachelor's degree from a university in continental Europe. Does that degree satisfy your minimal requirements for admission?
  22. Do I need to submit a Statement of Purpose or writing sample?
  23. I am an undergraduate at U of T. Do I still need to provide you with an official transcript?
  24. When I sent my transcripts I forgot to include the information sheet. Is that a problem?
  25. When I submitted my application, I mistakenly said that I would pay the application fee offline. What should I do?
  26. When I uploaded my transcript during the application process, I uploaded the wrong file. What should I do?
  27. My referee doesn't have an institutional email address, as required on the application form. What should I do?
  28. I didn't ask my referee in advance and now s/he says s/he would rather not submit a reference letter for me. Can I add a new referee?
  29. Do my references all need to be academic? Can some be professional? What are the repercussions? What if I can’t find an academic reference?
  30. How much is the application fee? Can it be waived? Can it be refunded?
  31. Are applications for full-time and for part-time study considered in the same way?
  32. If I apply to the Law and Economics combined program and am rejected by Law, is it still possible that I will be admitted to the general MA program?
  33. Do you consider only the GPA in my final year, or the GPA for my entire undergraduate degree?
  34. Can you tell me the average GPA and GRE scores of applicants who are offered admission?
  35. How long does the MA take to complete if it is taken part-time?
  36. Can I apply to take MA courses as a non-degree student?
  37. My current transcript shows courses in progress. Should I submit another transcript when new grades become available?
  38. I applied for this program previously. Can I re-apply without re-submitting my documents?
  39. When will I know the decision of my application?