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Graduate Programs

Placement of MA students

    Current students

    • Helfant, Andrea
      Initial placement: Research Analyst, The Brattle Group, Toronto, Canada
    • Matisse, Olga
      Initial placement: Lead Researcher, BRICS Research Group, Toronto, Canada
    • McColl, Duncan Samuel
      Initial placement: year 2 internship (JD/MA), Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP (corporate law), New York, USA


    • Balesh Abadi, Mona
      Initial placement: Securities Lending Internship, UBS, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Barnes, Sara Avalon Mary
      Initial placement: Research Analyst / Economist, Capital Markets Division, Financial Sector Policy Branch, Department of Finance, Ottawa, Canada
    • Brown, Gabriel
      Initial placement: University of British Columbia, Phd program, Vancouver, Canada
    • Chaudhari, Varun
      Initial placement: Business Analyst, Capital Markets, Toronto, Canada
    • Clarke, Dylan
      Initial placement: Research Associate, Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI), London, Canada
    • Cong, Meng
      Initial placement: Analyst, Measurement and Forecasting, IDC Canada, Toronto, Canada
    • Couillard, Benjamin Kenney
      Initial placement: Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, USA
    • Dean, Spencer Lewis Hinton
      Initial placement: Research Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
    • Edgel, Daniel
      Initial placement: Research Assistant, Quantitative Supervision and Research Unit, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore, USA
    • Groga Bada, Joseph
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • Gurpersaud, Nicholas
      Initial placement: Associate Risk Consultant, Financial Risk Group,Toronto, Canada
    • He, Yu
      Initial placement: Analyst, TianTu Capital, Shenzhen, China
    • Jaccard, Torsten Sochting
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • Kai, Takayuki
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • Kissel, Helen
      Initial placement: Predoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). Stanford, USA
    • Laflamme, Marc-Antoine
      Initial placement: University of British Columbia, PhD program, Vancouver, Canada
    • Lew, Kai-Lin Cara
      Initial placement: Business Analyst, McKinsey and Company, Toronto, Canada
    • Li, Pengfei
      Initial placement: Analyst, Risk Advisory, Deloitte, Beijing, China
    • Li, Xiuping
      Initial placement: Analyst, Global Operations Control | Global Banking Markets, Scotiabank, Toronto, Canada
    • MacBean, Camille
      Initial placement: Commodity Trader, Internship, NRG Energy, New York and Houston, USA
    • Mazumder, Yasir Kabir
      Initial placement: Economics Intern, Grameen Communications, Toronto, Canada
    • Michelin, Jonathan
      Initial placement: Direct Analyst, Dyson, Toronto, Canada
    • Noel, Antoine
      Initial placement: Queen's University, PhD program, Kingston, Canada
    • Omran, Farah Hala
      Initial placement: Researcher, C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Canada
    • Qian, Gang
      Initial placement: Financial Analyst / Development Economist, RBC North York, Canada
    • Reinink, Clayton
      Initial placement: Competition Law Officer, Monopolistic Practices Department, Competition Bureau, Gatineau, Canada
    • Ren, Hao
      Initial placement: Business Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, Canada
    • Roussel-Lewis, Mathieu
      Initial placement: Junior Researcher, Employment and Social Development Canada, Gatineau, Canada
    • Salmon-Belisle, Louis-Etienne
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • Scanterbury, Wesley Jerome
      Initial placement: Analyst, Letko Brosseau and Associates, Montreal, Canada
    • Spencer, Philip John
      Initial placement: Fellow (placement Sierra Leone), Overseas Development Institute, London, UK
    • Thomas, Jasmin
      Initial placement: Economist and Policy Analyst, Finance Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • Tusz, Louis Roland
      Initial placement: Consultant, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris, France
    • Uguccioni, James
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • VanZuylen, Ben
      Initial placement: Investment Analyst, Export Development Canada, Toronto, Canada
    • Whitby, Breann Michelle
      Initial placement: Economist, Columbia Pacific Consulting, Vancouver, Canada
    • Williams, Blair Stewart Wharton
      Initial placement: Associate, Quantitative Associate Rotational Program, TD Bank, Toronto, Canada
    • Xu, Ying
      Initial placement: Trust Accountant, Mackenzie Investments, Toronto, Canada
    • Xu, Yiren
      Initial placement: Quantitative Analyst, Enterprise Risk Management Model Quantification Team, CIBC
    • Zhang, Shuping
      Initial placement: Financial Analyst, J.C. Golden Investment Management Inc., Markham, Canada
    • Zhang, Ziyue
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, Master of Financial Insurance (MFI) program, Toronto, Canada


    • Abdul Gaffoor, Thamjeeth
      Initial placement: Associate Analyst, York Region Municipality, Finance Department, Toronto, Canada
    • Abramson, Michael
      Initial placement: Research Analyst / Economist, Department of Finance, Financial Sector Policy Branch, Funds Management and Currency Division, Ottawa, Canada
    • Bagai, Tanya
      Initial placement: Program Analysis and Reporting Advisor Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, Victoria, Canada
    • Bojan, Michael
      Initial placement: Research Summer Student, Ontario Securities Commission, Toronto, Canada
    • Capeluck, Evan Edward
      Initial placement: Economist, Finance Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • Chen, Ling Ge
      Initial placement: Statistician, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada
    • Courchene, Will
      Initial placement: Data Analyst, VerticalScope Inc., Toronto, Canada
    • Dong, TianYi
      Initial placement: Policy Analyst, General Trade Relations. International Trade Policy Division, International Trade and Finance Branch, Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • French, Robert
      Initial placement: Associate, Charles River Associates, Toronto, Canada
    • Gauthier, Charles
      Initial placement: PhD, Economics, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
    • Gensey, Timothy Victor
      Initial placement: Economist, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp., Calgary, Canada
    • Granovsky, Dmitry
      Initial placement: Economist, Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure, Toronto, Canada
    • Hausen, Erik
      Initial placement: Research Associate, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), Chennai, India
    • Howorth, Samuel
      Initial placement: Junior Research Analyst, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • Ladas, Jason Phillip
      Initial placement: Finance Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • Li, Runbo
      Initial placement: Analyst, Compass Lexecon, Los Angeles, USA
    • Ma, Qianli
      Initial placement: PhD, Economics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
    • Machida, Koichi
      Initial placement: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Japan
    • Masson-Makdissi, Etienne
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • McLaughlin, Ryan
      Initial placement: Research Associate, Innovations for Poverty Action, Vancouver, Canada
    • Navosha, Dmitry
      Initial placement: TD Bank, Toronto, Canada
    • Nguyen, Duc Hien
      Initial placement: Associate, Charles River Associates, Toronto, Canada
    • Park, Bora
      Initial placement: Senior Risk Analyst, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, Canada
    • Phillipowsky, Kathleen
      Initial placement: Competition Law Officer, Competition Bureau, Ottawa, Canada
    • Rahman, Faraha
      Initial placement: Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada
    • Reilly, Nathaniel
      Initial placement: Research Assistant, MENA Region, The World Bank Group
    • Rivera, Diana Paola
      Initial placement: Research and Compliance Officer, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), Mississauga, Canada
    • Simardone, Camille Jefferson
      Initial placement: Consultant, World Bank’s Education Global Practice, Haiti
    • Sutherland, Shawn
      Initial placement: Manager, Executive Compensation, Manulife Financial, Toronto, Canada
    • Tsao, Carolyn
      Initial placement: Research Fellow, Evidence for Policy Design, Harvard's Centre for International Development, Cambridge, USA
    • Umezinne, Izunna Odinaka
      Initial placement: Associate, Accenture, Toronto, Canada
    • Wagner, Jessica
      Initial placement: University of Toronto, PhD program, Toronto, Canada
    • Wang, Ying
      Initial placement: Analyst, TD Economics, Toronto, Canada
    • Zhang, Valerie Xiao Yue
      Initial placement: PhD, Accounting Information and Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA
    • Zhu, Xiaodi
      Initial placement: McGill University, PhD program, Montreal, Canada