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Graduate Programs

Visiting students

If you are a PhD student at another institution who would like to officially visit our department for up to one year, here is the International Visiting Graduate Student Study Abroad Agreement (IVGS) procedure to follow. (Visiting officially will allow you to use the library system and have internet access at the university. Office space is not guaranteed.)


  1. A visiting student’s study abroad visit must be mutually agreed upon by the student’s supervisor (or equivalent) at the home university, the home university supervisor’s chair or centre head, the proposed supervisor at the University of Toronto, and the chair or centre head of the University of Toronto supervisor’s department.

  2. The student’s supervisor at the University of Toronto will submit the following documents to his/her Graduate Administrator:
    1. IVGS Form: A completed IVGS Form signed by all appropriate signatories as requested on the form.
    2. Letter of Agreement: The Letter of Agreement must be co-signed by the five parties confirming supervisory arrangements and all aspects of the visit (including intellectual property, travel costs, study stipend (if any), access to equipment and supplies, research ethics, and space).

  3. The completed IVGS Form with the required five signatures, the Letter of Agreement and other relevant documentation must be forwarded for approval to the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto by the graduate administrator at the University of Toronto. If approved, the School of Graduate Studies will issue the visiting student an Offer of Admission under a study abroad agreement with copies to the Graduate Administrator and supervisor at the University of Toronto.

  4. Normally the start and finish date of the study period will coincide with the start and end of a session. If a mid-session study period is requested, the student must pay non-academic incidental fees and UHIP fees for each session of registration. Note: Applications should be received by the School of Graduate Studies no later than one month in advance of the start of a study period.

  5. * Acceptance of an IVGS student is at the complete discretion of the University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies.


  6. IVGS students are not charged tuition fees at the University of Toronto (but may be charged fees at their home institution). Other fees are required. IVGS students will receive a mailed invoice and are required to pay the following through their financial institution:

    1. A one-time application and administrative fee of $400.00 CDN (this includes access to the services of the University of Toronto, Centre for International Experience).

    2. The full-time compulsory non-academic student incidental fees, ($1,310.96 CDN in 2014-2015 for Fall/Winter plus Summer session- $450.18; (these fees will be prorated on a term basis) the non-academic incidental fees include Athletics, Hart House, Health Services, Student Services fees and various campus-wide and divisional student societies.

    3. The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fees (~$55 per month). This mandatory health plan ensures that all international students have basic health care coverage while studying in Ontario. International students are required to pay for UHIP coverage regardless of any other coverage they may have. UHIP forms will be mailed to any incoming visiting students. The student should submit the form as early as possible. Completed forms must be submitted to the UHIP Office at the Centre for International Experience (Koffler Student Services Centre, Room 202, 214 College Street). The student should also notify the UHIP office of his/her arrival date. It is important to note that UHIP does not include travel coverage. Students are encouraged to seek private travel insurance if they plan to travel out of province. For contact details and additional UHIP information visit the Centre for International Experience website.
Note: Full-time compulsory non-academic incidental fees and UHIP fees may vary from year to year.