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Yoram Halevy

Office: Max Gluskin House, 150 St. George Street, 307. Phone: 416-978-4417.
Email address:
Personal website: http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/index.php/index/person/person/faculty/1602
Research fields: Microeconomic theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

Selected research

  • Yoram Halevy, "Time Consistency: Stationarity and Time Invariance", Econometrica 83 (1) (2015), 335–352. (Freely available.)
  • Yoram Halevy, "Strotz meets Allais: Diminishing Impatience and the Certainty Effect", American Economic Review 98 (3) (2008), 1145–1162. (Freely available.)
  • Yoram Halevy, "Ellsberg Revisited: An Experimental Study", Econometrica 75 (2) (2007), 503–536. (Freely available.)
  • Yoram Halevy and Vincent Feltkamp, "A Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty Aversion", The Review of Economic Studies 72 (2) (2005), 449–466. (Freely available.)
  • Yoram Halevy, Dotan Persitz, Lanny Zrill, "Parametric Recovery of Preferences", Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming. (Freely available.)
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