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Taking a graduate economics course
If you are a graduate student at the University of Toronto outside the Economics Department and would like to enroll in a graduate economics course, here is the procedure.
  1. Complete a Course Add/Drop form.
  2. Get written approval (an email message is acceptable) from the instructor who will be teaching the selected course. (If you are a Rotman PhD student this step is not needed. However, this step is required for all MBA students.).
  3. Obtain the written approval of the graduate administrator in your home department. You can do so by getting the graduate administrator/director of your home department to sign the completed Course Add/Drop form. This signature confirms that your home department approves your taking the course as part of your program requirements.
  4. Your home graduate administrator should collect all such forms and scan and email them as a group at one time in PDF format to In this communication, your home unit must include the ROSI subject post of your program.
  5. The Economics Graduate Assistant will send all completed forms to the Economics Graduate Administrator. The Economics Graduate Administrator will approve the requests so that spaces are added to ROSI and enrollment can proceed.
  6. Approval is not automatic. You need to provide evidence that the instructor approves your taking the course. We will approve requests only if your background is sufficient to take the course, we have room in the course, and the instructor of the course agrees to accept you.
  7. We will return the approved Course Add/Drop form directly to the graduate administrator in your home department. We will do so in a timely manner, before the deadline to add a course. (For Rotman students enrolling in our Mathematics and Statistics Course for PhD students, we will return the form earlier, because of the early start date of the course.)
  8. The graduate administrator in your home department will enroll you in the course on ROSI.


  1. Incoming international exchange students wishing to enroll in an graduate course in the Economics Department must check first with the Exchange Officer - Inbound Students to confirm the process (see
  2. If your Course Add/Drop form is incomplete, then your graduate administrator is not authorized to approve your enrollment on ROSI.
  3. Processes may differ between departments, you should check first with your graduate administrator for advice. Students should not contact us directly. Rather, your graduate administrator can contact us for clarification if necessary.