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Ronald Wolthoff

Associate Professor (on leave)
Ph.D. (VU University Amsterdam, 2008), M.Sc. (Amsterdam, 2004), B.Sc. (Amsterdam, 2003)
Office: Max Gluskin House, 150 St. George Street, 214. Phone: 416-978-5588. Fax: 416-978-6713.
Office: University of Toronto, Mississauga, 3224. Phone: 905-569-4237.
Email address:
Personal website: http://individual.utoronto.ca/wolthoff/
Research fields: Macroeconomics, Labour economics

Selected research

All publications

Honors and awards

  • Dean's Excellence Award, University of Toronto, 2017.
  • Dean's Excellence Award, University of Toronto, 2015.
  • FEEM (Young Economist) Award, European Economic Association, 2011.

Courses taught 2018–2019

  • Winter

  • ECO352H5S, section L0101 (UTM) • Special Topics: Macroeconomics & the Labour Market
  • Fall/Winter

  • ECO2021H1Y, section L0101 (St. George) • Macroeconomic Theory I (PhD) (Ronald Wolthoff and Murat Celik) • M11-1, TR1-3 • Winter: M-HS108, TR-GE100