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Gordon Anderson

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (London School of Economics, 1980)
Office: University of Toronto, Mississauga, 3216. Phone: 905-828-3904.
Email address:
Personal website:
Research fields: Applied econometrics

Selected research

  • Gordon Anderson, Oliver Linton, Teng Wah Leo, "A Polarization-Cohesion Perspective on Cross Country Convergence", Journal of Economic Growth 17 (2013), 46–69.
  • Gordon Anderson, Oliver Linton, Y-J Whang, "Nonparametric Estimation and Inference about the Overlap of Two Distributions.", Journal of Econometrics 171 (2012), 1–23.
  • Gordon Anderson and Kinda Hachem, "Institutions and Economic Outcomes: A Dominance-Based Analysis.", Econometric Reviews 32 (2012), 164–182.
  • Gordon Anderson and Teng Wah Leo, "An Empirical Examination of Matching Theories: The One Child Policy, Partner Choice and Matching Intensity in Urban China", Journal of Comparative Economics 41 (2012), 468–489.
  • Gordon Anderson, Ian Crawford, Andrew Leicester, " Welfare Rankings for Multivariate Data: A Non-Parametric Approach", Journal of Public Economics 95 (2011), 247–252.
All publications

Honors and awards

  • Connaught Senior Research Fellowship, 2005.
  • Journal of Applied Econometrics Distinguished Author Award, 2004.
  • The Bowley Prize for Applied Statistics, 1982.
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