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Martin J. Osborne

Professor (on leave)
Ph.D. (Stanford, 1979), B.A. (Cambridge, 1975)
Office: Max Gluskin House, 150 St. George Street, 244. Phone: 416-978-5094. Fax: 416-978-6713.
Email address:
Personal website: http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/osborne/
Research fields: Microeconomic theory, Political economy

Selected research

  • Martin J. Osborne and Matthew Turner, "Cost benefit analyses versus referenda", Journal of Political Economy 118 (1) (2010), 156–187.
  • Martin J. Osborne, An Introduction to Game Theory, Oxford University Press, New York, 2003.
  • Martin J. Osborne, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Matthew Turner, "Meetings with Costly Participation", American Economic Review 90 (4) (2000), 927–943. (Freely available.)
  • Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein, "Games with Procedurally Rational Players", American Economic Review 88 (1998), 834–847. (Freely available.)
  • Martin J. Osborne and Al Slivinski, "A Model of Political Competition with Citizen-Candidates", Quarterly Journal of Economics 111 (1996), 65–96. (Freely available.)
All publications

Honors and awards

  • Economic Theory Fellow, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory, 2011.
  • U of T Alumni Association Faculty Award, 2008.
  • Fellow of the Econometric Society, 2003.

Courses taught 2018–2019

  • Fall/Winter

  • ECO2030H1Y, section L0101 (St. George) • Microeconomic Theory II (PhD) (Martin J. Osborne and Xianwen Shi) • T9-11, R9-11, M2-4, W2-4, R2-4, R4-6 • Winter: M-WO35, W-RW140, R-BL112