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Frank Mathewson

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (Stanford, 1970), B.Com. (Toronto, 1965)
Office: Rotman School of Management, 8074. Phone: 416-978-6127. Fax: 416-978-5519.
Email address:
Research fields: Microeconomic theory, Industrial organization

Selected research

  • Ignatius Horstmann, Frank Mathewson, Neil Quigley, "Agency Contracts with Long-Term Customer Relationships", Journal of Labor Economics 23 (3) (2005), 589–608.
  • Frank Mathewson and Neil Quigley, "Market Power Thresholds: Theory and Competition Cases Related to Barriers to Entry, Oligopoly and Joint Dominance", in Competition Law at the Turn of the Century (edited by Mark Berry and Lewis Evans), Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2003.
  • Frank Mathewson and Ralph A. Winter, "Buyer Groups", International Journal of Industrial Organization 15(2) (1997), 137–164.
  • Frank Mathewson and Ralph A. Winter, "Tying as a Response to Demand Uncertainty", Rand Journal of Economics 28 (3) (1997), 566–583.
  • Ignatius Horstmann, Frank Mathewson, Neil Quigley, Ensuring Competition: Bank Distribution of Insurance Products: Prospects for Implications for Canada, CD Howe Institute, Toronto, 1996.
All publications

Honors and awards

  • Appointed as an Encore Fellow, 2004.

Courses taught 2019–2020

  • Fall

  • ECO2908H1F, section L0101 (St. George) • Industrial Organization and Competition Policy • R2-4 • RT 157