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Graduate Programs

Economics PhD Job Candidates

The following PhD candidates are seeking full-time employment. For more information on any of these students, please either contact the student(s) direct or Peter Morrow (Placement Officer).

Photograph of Wanlin Chen

Wanlin Chen

Dissertation title: A Thesis on the Housing Market
Dissertation committee: Michelle Alexopoulos, Lu Han, Sebastian Dyrda
Contact: wanlin.chen@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-871-2577
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/wanlin-chen

Photograph of Robert Embree

Robert Embree

Dissertation title: Essays in Public Economics and Political Economy
Dissertation committee: Shari Eli, Peter Loewen, Kory Kroft
Contact: robert.embree@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-526-2302
Website: https://www.robertembree.ca/

Photograph of Cheok In Fok

Cheok In Fok

Dissertation title: Essays in Industrial Organization
Dissertation committee: Yao Luo, Yuanyuan Wan, Rahul Deb
Contact: cheokin.fok@mail.utoronto.ca , Home Phone: 416-222-2738 , Cell Phone: 647-866-2166
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/cheokinfok

Photograph of Joseph Groga Bada

Joseph Groga Bada

Dissertation title: Essays in Econometrics
Dissertation committee: Adonis Yatchew, Yuanyuan Wan, Jiaying Gu
Contact: joseph.grogabada@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-518-6595
Website: https://www.josephgroga.com/

Photograph of Torsten Jaccard

Torsten Jaccard

Dissertation title: Essays in International Trade
Dissertation committee: Daniel Trefler, Peter Morrow, Victor Aguirregabiria
Contact: torsten.jaccard@mail.utoronto.ca , Home Phone: 604-230-0317 , Cell Phone: 604-230-0317
Website: https://torstenjaccard.wordpress.com/

Photograph of Cory Langlais

Cory Langlais

Dissertation title: Essays on Business Cycles, Banks and Money
Dissertation committee: Michelle Alexopoulos, Miquel Faig, Serdar Ozkan
Contact: cory.langlais@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 506-252-9979
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/corylanglais

Photograph of Frank Jacobus Jacoba Leenders

Frank Jacobus Jacoba Leenders

Dissertation title: Essays in the Macroeconomics of the Labour Market
Dissertation committee: Ronald Wolthoff, Gueorgui Kambourov, Serdar Ozkan
Contact: frank.leenders@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-545-3307
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/frankleenders/home

Photograph of Hui Liu

Hui Liu

Dissertation title: Essays in Industrial Organization and Empirical Microeconomics
Dissertation committee: Yao Luo, Loren Brandt, Victor Aguirregabiria
Contact: yihui.liu@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-719-7566
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/hui-liu

Photograph of Etienne Masson-Makdissi

Etienne Masson-Makdissi

Dissertation title: Dissertation on Same-Sex and Different-Sex Relationship and their Interaction with Location Choice
Dissertation committee: Aloysius Siow, Ismael Mourifié
Contact: etienne.masson.makdissi@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 613-295-2258
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/etiennemakdissi

Photograph of Boriana Miloucheva

Boriana Miloucheva

Dissertation title: Essays in Health Economics
Dissertation committee: Shari Eli, Dwayne Benjamin, Michael Baker
Contact: boriana.miloucheva@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 416-540-3516
Website: http://www.borianamiloucheva.com/

Photograph of Hammad Shaikh

Hammad Shaikh

Dissertation title: Essays in Economics of Education
Dissertation committee: Robert McMillan, Aloysius Siow, Roman Zarate
Contact: hammy.shaikh@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 416-550-8537
Website: https://shaikhhammad.com/

Photograph of James Uguccioni

James Uguccioni

Dissertation title: Essays in Intergenerational Income Transmission
Dissertation committee: Shari Eli, Kory Kroft, Michael Baker
Contact: james.uguccioni@mail.utoronto.ca , Home Phone: 613-299-0272
Website: https://www.jamesuguccioni.com

Photograph of Jessica Wagner

Jessica Wagner

Dissertation title: Essay in the Economics of Education
Dissertation committee: Robert McMillan, Gustavo Bobonis, Elizabeth Dhuey
Contact: j.wagner@mail.utoronto.ca , Home Phone: 647-783-0798
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/jessicawagner

Photograph of Jiaqi Zou

Jiaqi Zou

Dissertation title: Essays in empirical microeconomics
Dissertation committee: Loren Brandt, Kory Kroft, Roman Zarate
Contact: jiaqi.zou@mail.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: 647-226-0945
Website: http://zoujiaqi.wixsite.com/utoronto

Job Candidates affiliated with the Department

The following candidates, affiliated with the Department, are also seeking full-time employment. For more information on any of them, please contact the student(s) or their supervisor(s) directly.

Photograph of Rolando Campusano Garate

Rolando Campusano Garate

Dissertation title: Essays on Urban Economics and Entrepreneurship
Dissertation committee: Nathaniel Baum-Snow, William Strange, April Franco, Alberto Galasso
Contact: rolando.campusano@rotman.utoronto.ca , Cell Phone: +1 (647) 770 8707
Website: https://rolandocampusano.com

Photograph of Johannes Hoelzemann

Johannes Hoelzemann

Job market paper: Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Smartest One of All?
Faculty contact: Yoram Halevy
Contact: j.hoelzemann@utoronto.ca, Office Phone: 416-978-3519, Cell Phone: 647-606-6469
Website: http://www.johanneshoelzemann.com

Photograph of Ran Sun Lyng

Ran Sun Lyng

Job market paper: Job Amenities in the Market for CEOs
Faculty contacts: John Kennes, Arnaud Dupuy, Ronald Wolthoff
Contact: ransun.lyng@utoronto.ca
Website: https://ransunlyng.github.io