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Graduate Programs

ECO1500H1F Financial Economics I

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of financial markets and theories of asset pricing. It begins with an examination of asset pricing under certainty which forms the basis for determining the prices of fixed income securities. It then examines individual decision-making under uncertainty which provides the foundation for modern portfolio theory and determining the prices of risky assets. Alternative asset pricing theories investigated include CAPM, APT, CCAPM, and state preference theory.

Section L9101, Fall 2020–21

Instructor: Peter Cziraki
Day/time: T6-9

Delivery Method & Instructions: (Online Synchronous)
This is the section for MA students and graduate students from outside the Department of Economics. The course will be taught online using a combination of live lectures and recordings. Some of the assessment in the course will require participation from the students at the scheduled time. It is recommended that students have a computer with a microphone and camera in order to participate in online activities.