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Graduate Programs

ECO3800H1S Labour Economics I

ECO2800 is a core course in labour economics. It is designed specifically to be suitable for both MA and PhD. students. PhD students wishing to complete the comprehensive exam in labour economics will need to complete the second course (ECO 2801) that is aimed at PhD students. The objective of ECO2800 is to demonstrate how the tools of microeconomic theory can be applied to labour economic decisions, and how the resulting theoretical insights can inform the evaluation of public policy. The topics covered will include the decision to work, the decision to attend school and other human capital investments, labour market discrimination and immigration. Applications will include public policies addressing poverty, pay equity, labour market policies that affect child development, immigrant selection mechanisms and tuition and associated policies in the educational sector.

Section L0101, Winter 2008–09

Instructor: Michael Baker
Day/time: M 12-2

Delivery Method & Instructions: In Person

Location: WO 30