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Graduate Programs

ECO1010H1F Math Stat Review for MA Regular Stream Students

Math Stat Review For M.A. Students (ECO 1010H,F) provides MA Regular Stream and MFE students mathematical and statistical foundations for their microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics courses. The emphasis is on techniques and tools, not on proofs. The Math portion focuses on: intervals, functions, derivatives, static constrained and unconstrained optimization, envelope theorem, dynamic optimization, matrix algebra, and some differential and difference equations. The Stat portion focuses on probability, conditional probability, random variables, probability and cumulative distribution functions, probabilistic processes (such as Normal, Poisson, Bernoulli etc), Central Limit Theorems, parametric hypotheses and tests and Maximum Likelihood. Optional textbooks: "Mathematics for Economists" (C.P. Simon & L. Blume, Norton Press) and "Econometric Analysis" (W. H. Greene).

NOTE: A test will be held on the first day of the ECO1010F Review (this is NOT the case for ECO1011F). Students will be able to bring a non-programmable calculator and a 'cheat sheet' (9x11, double-sided, readable without a magnifying glass!).

Section L0101, Fall 2008–09

Instructor: Ajaz Hussain [course website]
Day/time: MTWRF10-4

Delivery Method & Instructions: In Person

Location: SS 2135 - (Sept 3 only: SS 2127)