Welcome to my research page. I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto and my research is predominantly in applied microeconomic theory.

You can find detailed information about me in my CV and I can be contacted by email at rahul.deb@utoronto.ca.

My research can be accessed below.



"Optimal Adaptive Testing: Informativeness and Incentives," with Colin Stewart. Theoretical Economics, (2018).

"Evaluating Strategic Forecasters," with Mallesh Pai and Maher Said. American Economic Review, (2018).

"Discrimination via Symmetric Auctions," with Mallesh Pai. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, (2017).

"Dynamic Screening with Limited Commitment," with Maher Said. Journal of Economic Theory, (2015).

"Implementation with Contingent Contracts," with Debasis Mishra. Econometrica, (2014).
Online supplement and a corrected proof of Lemma 2

"Testing Motives for Charitable Giving: A Revealed-Preference Methodology with Experimental Evidence," with Robert Gazzale and Matthew Kotchen. Journal of Public Economics, (2014).

"A Nonparametric Analysis of Multi-Product Oligopolies," with Andres Carvajal, James Fenske and John Quah. Economic Theory, (2014).

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"Endogenous Emergence of Credit Markets: Contracting in Response to a New Technology in Ghana," with Tavneet Suri. Journal of Development Economics (2013).

"A Testable Model Of Consumption With Externalities." Journal of Economic Theory (2009).

Computer Science

"Ironing in Dynamic Revenue Management: Posted Prices and Biased Auctions," with Mallesh Pai. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (2013).

Working Papers

"Revealed Price Preference: Theory and Empirical Analysis," with Yuichi Kitamura, John Quah and Jörg Stoye, 2018.

"Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Stochastic Values," 2014.
Revision requested by the RAND Journal of Economics.
An older, longer version is here.

Work in Progress

"Compromising Quality to Stay Relevant," with Matt Mitchell and Mallesh Pai (paper hopefully coming soon).

"Estimation of Oligopolistic Models without Assumptions on Demand," with John Quah, Xiaoxia Shi and Matthew Shum.

Older Working Papers

"An Efficient Nonparametric Test Of The Collective Household Model," 2010.

"Tests Of Independence In Separable Econometric Models: Theory And Application," with Donald Brown and Marten Wegkamp, 2008.

"Optimal Contracting Of New Experience Goods," 2008.

"Interdependent Preferences, Potential Games and Household Consumption," 2008.
One half of this paper was published in JET under the title of "A Testable Model Of Consumption With Externalities."