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Graduate Programs

ECO2460H1S Economic Applications of Machine Learning

The course will cover various techniques of machine learning that are used in economics. Both theoretical approaches and applications in Python will be presented. We will cover the two main axes of machine learning, namely supervised learning and unsupervised learning. We will see, among other things, natural language processing, classifiers, sentiment analysis, and neural networks, all of which will be supported by an overview of the economic literature using those methods.

Section L9101, Winter 2020–21

Instructor: Marlene Koffi
Day/time: R3-5

Delivery Method & Instructions: (Online Synchronous)
Online synchronous: Lectures will be delivered online (livestreamed) at the scheduled time. All course activities, including office hours, will be conducted online.

TAs: Chau Tseung, Mohammad Mahdi Banatehrani