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Graduate Programs

ECO3800H1F Labour Economics I

ECO2800F is a core course in labour economics. The course is pitched at the PhD level. Qualified MA students are also welcomed. MA students who are interested in a more public policy oriented labour course should take ECO2801S. ECO 2800F is not a prerequisite for ECO2801S. Both courses are required for PhD students who want to write the field examination in labour economics. The objective of ECO2800 is to use microeconomics and econometrics to study the labour market. Special attention will be paid to the interaction between economic theory and empirical research. The topics covered will include labour supply, educational attainment, on-the-job training, on-the-job matching, hedonic markets, internal labour markets, and economics of the family.

Section L0101, Fall 2012–13

Instructor: Philip Oreopoulos
Day/time: M3-5, F9

Delivery Method & Instructions: In Person

Location: GE 100, GE 100