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Graduate Programs

ECO2701H1S Development Economics I

This course is the first in a two-course sequence in microeconomic development (along with ECO 2703H). The focus is on the application of economic theory, and especially econometrics, to a variety of questions important for understanding household and government behaviour in developing countries. A further purpose is to demonstrate how the analytic techniques used in applied microeconomics can be used to inform public policy in these countries. The material covered draws on (calculus-based) microeconomic theory and econometrics; it is suitable for both MA and PhD students. That said, the emphasis of the course is on the interpretation and evaluation of empirical evidence relevant for the conduct of public policy in developing countries.

Section L0101, Winter 2012–13

Instructor: Nicholas Li
Day/time: T 2-4

Delivery Method & Instructions: In Person

Location: GE 100