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Graduate Programs

ECO4051H1S SPECIAL READING COURSE: Advanced Microeconomic Theory (PhD only)

This is a reading course on advanced economic theory run by faculty in the micro theory group. The goal of the course is to introduce students to research frontiers in micro theory. The papers we will discuss in this course can be broadly grouped into two topics: mechanism design and global games. For each topic, there will be one or two survey papers, and a couple of recent articles or work papers. These papers will cover the role of information, allocation and informational externality in mechanism design, and the theory and application of global games. Approximately, we plan to spend 2/3 of the course on mechanism design, and th eremaining 1/3 on global games. Each week, one theory faculty or student will read on paper on the reading list, and each paper reading will be two hours. Students who are enrolled in this course are required to read papers assigned each week, actively participate in discussion and present one paper selected in the reading list. Therre are no exams for this course. The evaluation will be based primarily on students' presentation (50%) and class participation (50%). Students will be assigned grades according to their performance in the course.

Section L0101, Winter 2007–08

Instructor: Xianwen Shi
Day/time: M12-2

Delivery Method & Instructions: In Person

Location: SS 5017A