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Undergraduate Programs

Courses offered Summer 2010

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Number Sect. Title, instructor Day, time Location
ECO100Y1Y Introductory Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Michael J. Hare MW2-5 SS2118
L0201 Gustavo Indartwebsite TR2-5 MP203
L5101 Gustavo Indartwebsite TR6-9 PB B250
ECO105Y1Y Principles of Economics for Non Specialists  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Kieran Furlong MW6-9 BA 1170
ECO200Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 William G. Wolfsonwebsite TR6-9 RW117; MS2172 as of Jul 13
ECO202Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory and Policy  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Masoud Anjomshoa MW1-4 LM 158
L5101 Masoud Anjomshoaoutline MW5-8 BL 205
ECO204Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ajaz Hussainwebsite TRF10-1 ES B142, ES B149
ECO206Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Ioana Dan MW6-9 MP 103
ECO208Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Baran Doda TR6-9 SS 1070
ECO209Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Gustavo Indartwebsite MW10-1 LM158
ECO220Y1Y Quantitative Methods  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Margarita Pivovarova  •  Branko Boskovic MW2-5 LM161
L5101 Margarita Pivovarova  •  Branko Boskovic MW5-8 BA 1180
ECO227Y1Y Quantitative Methods in Economics  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Victor Yu MW6-9 BF 215
ECO302H1Y Comparative Economic Institutions in History  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Abraham Rotstein M2-4 WO 35
ECO310Y1Y Industrial Organization and Public Policy  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Dimitrios Dimitropoulos TR11-2 LM 158
ECO321Y1Y Canadian Economic History since 1500  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Abraham Rotstein MW10-12 WO 30
ECO324Y1Y Economic Development  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Michael J. Hare MW10-12 SS1085
ECO325H1S Advanced Economic Theory - Macro  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Allan Hynes MW6-9 WO 30
ECO326H1F Advanced Economic Theory - Micro  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Peter Achim Wagnerwebsite MW6-9 ES B142
ECO333Y1Y Urban Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Peter Tomlinson TR2-5 SF 1101
L5101 Peter Tomlinsonoutline TR6-9 SF 1101
ECO358H1F Financial Economics I  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheri M10-12, T4-6 ES B142
ECO359H1S Financial Economics II  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheri M10-12, T4-6 ES B142
ECO364H1F International Trade  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Fran├žois Casas TR10-1 BL205
L0201 Fran├žois Casasoutline TR2-5 BL205
ECO365H1S International Monetary Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Gregory Gagnon MW2-5 WI 1017
L5101 Gregory Gagnon MW6-9 WI 1017
ECO381H1S Managerial Economics II: Personnel Economics  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Jasmin Kantarevic TR5-8 WO 20
ECO429Y1Y History of Economic Thought  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Kieran Furlong MW2-4 BA B025