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Undergraduate Programs

Courses offered Summer 2007

Click on section number for course details. Timetable view for Summer F, Summer S. To locate classrooms, see campus map.

Course delivery table: Unless otherwise indicated the courses are delivered In Person. For other course delivery methods, please refer to the section colors

Dual Delivery Synchronous Asynchronous

Number Section Title, instructor Day, time Location
ECO100Y1Y Introduction to Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Michael J. Harewebsite Learning outcomes MW2-5 LM162
L0201 Gustavo Indartwebsite Learning outcomes TR10-1 SF1105
L5101 Gustavo Indartwebsite Learning outcomes TR6-9 BA1130
ECO105Y1Y Principles of Economics for Non-Specialists  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Kieran Furlong Learning outcomes MW6-9 BA1170
ECO200Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 George Slasor Learning outcomes MW1-4 SF1101 (changed from SS1087)
L0201 Moritz Ritterwebsite  •  Masoud AnjomshoawebsiteLearning outcomes TR10-1 LM161
L5101 William G. Wolfsonwebsite Learning outcomes MW6-9 SF1101
ECO202Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Masoud Anjomshoa Learning outcomes TR1-4 SS2106
L5101 Masoud Anjomshoa Learning outcomes TR6-9 SS2110
ECO206Y1Y Microeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Zheng Frank Yangwebsite Learning outcomes MW6-9 SS2106
ECO208Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L5101 George Georgopoulos Learning outcomes TR6-9 SS1086 / WW126
ECO209Y1Y Macroeconomic Theory  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Gustavo Indartwebsite Learning outcomes MW1-4 BA1220
ECO220Y1Y Quantitative Methods in Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Jennifer Murdockwebsite  •  Ata MazaheriLearning outcomes TR1-4 SS2135
L5101 Jennifer Murdockwebsite  •  Ata MazaheriLearning outcomes TR5-8 SF1101
ECO227Y1Y Quantitative Methods in Economics  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Victor Yuwebsite Learning outcomes MW6-9 BF215
ECO321Y1Y Canadian Economic History Since 1500  •  Calendar entry
L0201 Abraham Rotstein Learning outcomes TR10-12 WO20
ECO324Y1Y Economic Development  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Michael J. Hare Learning outcomes MW10-12 SS2106
ECO325H1S Advanced Economic Theory - Macro  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Allan Hynes Learning outcomes MW6-9 SS1072
ECO326H1F Advanced Economic Theory - Micro  •  Calendar entry
L5101 Mingxiao Yewebsite Learning outcomes MW6-9 SS1086
ECO328Y1Y International Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Gregory Gagnon  •  Akram EsanovLearning outcomes MW1-4 ES149
L5101 Gregory Gagnon  •  Akram EsanovLearning outcomes MW6-9 SF1105
ECO333Y1Y Urban Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Peter Tomlinson Learning outcomes TR2-4 SF1105
L5101 Peter Tomlinson Learning outcomes TR7-9 SF1105
ECO351H1F Special Topics -Money, Banking and Financial Markets  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Akram Esanov Learning outcomes MW1-4 LM158
ECO358H1F Financial Economics I  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheriwebsite Learning outcomes MW2-4 LM161
ECO359H1S Financial Economics II: Corporate Finance  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Ata Mazaheri Learning outcomes MW2-4 BA1210
ECO381H1S Managerial Economics II: Personnel Economics  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Jasmin Kantarevicwebsite Learning outcomes TR5-7 SS1085
ECO429Y1Y History of Economic Thought  •  Calendar entry
L0101 Kieran Furlong Learning outcomes MW2-4 SS2127