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Undergraduate Programs

ECO105Y1Y Principles of Economics for Non-Specialists

An introduction to the principles and methods of economics in association with policy issues. Lectures cover 24 topics, including economic growth, the importance of productivity, international trade, competitive markets, macroeconomic issues and more specific topics such as rent controls, OPEC, the international debt crisis, trade restrictions, the national debt and sustainable development. Students who intend to complete a minor, major, or specialist program in Economics are advised to take ECO100Y1.

Section L5101 , Summer F and S 2007–08

Instructor: Kieran Furlong
Day/time: MW6-9

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BA1170

office hour: M 17:00–18:00, location: BA2139
office hour: W 17:00–18:00, location: BA2139