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Undergraduate Programs

ECO421H1F Special Topics in Economics: Topics in Experimental Economics

Experimental Economics is a relatively new and very exciting field in Economics. While most data used in Economics is observational, experimentalists use controlled environments to study various economic issues: from individual decision making, to interaction in games and markets, to assets markets and even macroeconomic issues. This is a “hands-on” course. I will introduce you to a few topics I have been working on recently, and we will read a few related papers in class, with your active participation! Then we will discuss the experimental design in class, run the experiments together, and then you will get access to the real data, and in your papers, you will analyze it and draw conclusions. The two topics I hope to be able to cover this year involve rationality in games and a decision theoretic project. It would be helpful if you took a course in game theory to understand the former project, and have a good understanding of probability for the latter.

Section L0101 , Fall 2022–23

Instructor: Yoram Halevy
Day/time: M4-6

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BL 112
TA: Alexandra Ballyk