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Undergraduate Programs

ECO351H1F Money, Banking & Financial Markets

The study of money and banking is essentially the study of the role and function of monetary aggregates in the economy, and the study of financial markets - that is, money, bond and stock markets and their interrelationships. The effects of the financial system on the real economy are determined by the institutional framework under which that system operates. Thus, the study of money and banking requires an understanding of the organization, structure, and the historical development (context) of the various institutions that constitute the financial sector of the Canadian economy. This course will also study the role of the central bank, which includes its use of monetary policy to control growth and fluctuations in the Canadian economy through the chartered banking system. Furthermore, given the high degree of global financial market integration, we will also investigate the links between Canada’s financial system and the international financial system.

Section L0101 , Fall 2010–11

Instructor: George Georgopoulos
Day/time: W4-7

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: WI1017
TA: Hélène Desgagnés