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Undergraduate Programs

ECO439H1F Methods for Empirical Microeconomics

This course is directed at graduate students conducting research in the “applied micro” fields, especially (but not exclusively) labour, development, and public economics. While it has a labour course number, this is not purely a labour economics course: it is a course in empirical modeling and applied econometrics. The tools covered in the course, however, are central to those used in empirical labour economics, as well as other applied microeconomics fields like development and public economics. The focus will be on the identification of casual relationships using regression-based analysis. Empirical examples will be drawn from recent work in labour, development, and public economics.

Section L0101 /L9101, Fall 2020–21

Instructor: Arthur Blouin
Day/time: R11-1, F9

Delivery Method & Instructions : (Online Synchronous)
Graduate Students: The only section available for you to register for is Section LEC9101 - Online Synchronous.

TA: Dina O'Brien