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Undergraduate Programs

ECO105Y1Y Principles of Economics for Non Specialists

Section L5101 , Fall and Winter 2009–10

Instructor: Michael J. Hare
Day/time: T5-8

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: MS 2158
TAs: Kenta Hatamochi, Matt Bank, Mojgan Yousefi, Grigorios Spanos, Xiaoyi Ren, Yifan Wang, Ashley Menard, Patrick Walker, Yizhuo Zhang, Andrew Bolyachevets, Leilei Shen, Jonathan Khan

Tutorial: Tuesday 4:00–5:00, location: SS1084
Tutorial: Tuesday 3:00–4:00, location: RW143
Tutorial: Tuesday 14:00–15:00, location: UC52
Tutorial: Tuesday 1:00–2:00, location: MP118
Tutorial: Tuesday 12:00–1:00, location: UC244
Tutorial: Tuesday 11:00–12:00, location: SS2105
Tutorial: Tuesday 10:00–11:00, location: SS1086
Tutorial: Monday 6:00–7:00, location: RW143
Tutorial: Monday 5:00–6:00, location: UC144
Tutorial: Monday 4:00–5:00, location: LM123
Tutorial: Monday 3:00–4:00, location: UC85
Tutorial: Monday 2:00–3:00, location: LM155
Tutorial: Monday 1:00–2:00, location: RW229
Tutorial: Monday 12:00–1:00, location: MP118
Tutorial: Monday 11:00–12:00, location: LM123
Tutorial: Monday 10:00–11:00, location: RW229
Test: %AM %America/New_York %250, 18:00–21:00, location: BA1190, BA2185, GB304, HA401, HA403, HA410, SF3202
Test: %AM %America/New_York %208, 18:00–21:00, location: HA401, HA403, HA410, SF2202, SF3201, SF3202