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Undergraduate Programs

ECO100Y1Y Introductory Economics

Section L0301 , Fall and Winter 2009–10

Instructor: Kieran Furlong
Day/time: MWF1

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BT101
TAs: Zhuo Pu, Michael Laskey, Jay Alan Crone, Sin Ching Jordana Wong, Trevor Tombe, Mojgan Yousefi, Saumitra Saha, Yang Qiao, Maria Qamar, Sihang Lin, Daniel Kou, Xin Jin, Brittany Stief

Tutorial: Thursday 02:00–03:00, location: UC175
Tutorial: Thursday 01:00–02:00, location: UC175
Tutorial: Thursday 12:00–01:00, location: UC177
Tutorial: Thursday 11:00–12:00, location: UC A101; 2010 UC328
Tutorial: Monday 02:00–03:00, location: UC A101
Tutorial: Monday 03:00–04:00, location: UC87
Tutorial: Monday 04:00–05:00, location: UC256
Tutorial: Tuesday 02:00–03:00, location: CR103; 2010 EM302
Tutorial: Tuesday 03:00–04:00, location: TF201
Tutorial: Tuesday 04:00–05:00, location: CR403
Tutorial: Thursday 03:00–04:00, location: Fall ZZ11; Winter UC175
Tutorial: Wednesday 04:00–05:00, location: UC175
Tutorial: Wednesday 03:00–04:00, location: UC175
Test: Friday 23 October, 12:00–14:00, location: EX100, EX200, EX300, EX310, EX320
Test: Friday 4 December, 12:00–14:00, location: EX100, EX300, EX310, EX320, SF3202, UC266, UC273
Test: Friday 26 February, 12:00–14:00, location: EX100, EX200, EX300, EX310, EX320