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Undergraduate Programs

ECO100Y1Y Introductory Economics

Section L0101 , Fall and Winter 2009–10

Instructor: James E. Pesando
Day/time: MWF11

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BT101
TAs: Lisa Stockley, Elizabeth Park, Christian Dippel, Sarah Jane Howcroft, Houman Mortazavi, Paul Ternamian, Jonathan Khan

Tutorial: Thursday 1:00–2:00, location: RW229
Tutorial: Thursday 12:00–1:00, location: UC244
Tutorial: Thursday 11:00–12:00, location: SS1074
Tutorial: Wednesday 5:00–6:00, location: SS1070
Tutorial: Wednesday 4:00–5:00, location: SS2108
Tutorial: Wednesday 1:00–2:00, location: SS2127
Tutorial: Wednesday 1:00–2:00, location: SS1073
Tutorial: Tuesday 5:00–6:00, location: SS2108
Tutorial: Tuesday 1:00–2:00, location: UC244
Tutorial: Tuesday 12:00–1:00, location: SS2110
Test: %AM %America/New_York %208, 11:00–12:30, location: GB404, GB412, HA403, HA410, SF2202, SF3202
Test: %AM %America/New_York %250, 11:00–12:30, location: GB404, GB412, HA403, HA410, MS3154, MS3163
Test: %AM %America/New_York %250, 11:00–0:30, location: EX100, EX310, EX320