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ECO352H1F Economics of Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the challenging and important economic issues associated with incubating, growing and valuing new ventures. The course explores the analytical techniques needed to recognize new and emerging business opportunities; understand the various financing choices; analyze alternative valuation methodologies; develop a marketable business plan; manage growth in a rapidly evolving environment; and successfully monetize the value of the business whether by going public, selling all or part of the company or remaining private. Key topics include venture capital financing, financial forecasting, valuation and initial public offerings. Students will develop a methodology to analyze whether a business idea is worth pursuing and enable them to apply financial economic principles in ways that add to the expected value of the entrepreneurial undertaking. They will use economic theory to analyze examples of entrepreneurship and will have opportunities to interact with successful business leaders with relevant experience. Students need to write a statement of interest (maximum 250 words)to explain why you want to take this course. The statement must be sent to the instructor at reza@satchu.net from your utoronto email address by Friday, August 29 . Students will be notified during the week of September 8-12 whether they can take the course and must make alternate arrangements in case they are not admitted.

List of accepted students

Section L0101 , Fall 2008–09

Instructor: Reza Satchu
Day/time: M2-4

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BA3008