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Undergraduate Programs

ECO100Y1Y Introductory Economics

Section L0101 , Fall and Winter 2008–09

Instructor: James E. Pesando
Day/time: MWF11

Delivery Method & Instructions : In Person

Location: BT101

Tutorial: M 12:00–14:00, location: BL327
Tutorial: T 13:00–14:00, location: UC52
Tutorial: T 12:00–13:00, location: SS1073
Tutorial: T 17:00–18:00, location: SS2105
Tutorial: W 17:00–18:00, location: SS1074
Tutorial: W 16:00–17:00, location: MP118
Tutorial: W 13:00–14:00, location: UC163
Tutorial: W 13:00–14:00, location: SS1088
Tutorial: R 17:00–19:00, location: BL327
Tutorial: R 12:00–14:00, location: BL327
Tutorial: R 13:00–14:00, location: SS2127
Tutorial: R 12:00–13:00, location: UC244
Tutorial: R 11:00–12:00, location: SS1086
Test: Friday 24 October, 11:00–12:00, location: EX200, EX320, BA2155
Test: Friday 5 December, 11:00–12:00, location: EX310, EX320, UC266, UC273, WI1017
Test: Friday 6 March, 11:00–12:00, location: EX200, EX310, MS3163