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Regular faculty
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Varouj A. Aivazian
Aivazian, Varouj A., Professor
Ph.D. Ohio State, 1975

Research fields: Financial economics, Law and economics
Jason Choi
Choi, Jason, Assistant Professor

Research fields: Macroeconomics, Financial economics
Ajaz Hussain
Hussain, Ajaz, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Ph.D. Brown, 2002

Research fields: Financial economics, Industrial organization
Angelo Melino
Melino, Angelo, Professor
Ph.D. Harvard, 1983

Research fields: Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Financial economics
Jordi Mondria
Mondria, Jordi, Professor; Director, MFE Program
Ph.D. Princeton University, 2006

Research fields: Financial economics, International economics, Macroeconomics
Mark Rempel
Rempel, Mark, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Wisconsin-Madison, 2022

Research fields: Macroeconomics, Financial economics, Industrial organization
Anton Tsoy
Tsoy, Anton, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. M.I.T, 2015

Research fields: Financial economics, Microeconomic theory
Nathanael Vellekoop
Vellekoop, Nathanael, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Tilburg, 2013

Research fields: Macroeconomics, Financial economics
Yingnan Zhao
Zhao, Yingnan, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Zurich, 2019

Research fields: Macroeconomics, Financial economics, Banking
Status-only cross-appointed faculty
Tom McCurdy
McCurdy, Tom, Professor (status only cross-appointed)
Ph.D. London School of Economics

Research fields: Financial economics, Financial Econometrics, Risk Management, Financial Decision Strategies