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September 29, 2017

Mid-September saw the department's traditional gathering that celebrates the beginning of a new school year and welcomes new and returning faculty and students.

Over a hundred guests attended the late afternoon event, enjoying one of the year's last opportunities for a barbecue and socializing in the Max Gluskin House courtyard and lounge areas.

Professor Martin Osborne, interim chair, led the proceedings, and introduced three items of business.

Firstly, he welcomed five new faculty members:

  • Patrick Blanchenay (interests: firms' productivity and dynamics)

  • Peter Foltin (interests: microeconomic theory and teaching)

  • Yoram Halevy (interests: behavioural and experimental economics)

  • Kevin Lim (interests: international trade, trade networks, technology and innovation)

  • Nick Zammit (interests: economic history and the Canadian economy)

Secondly, the department's Faculty and Teaching Assistant Excellence in Teaching Awards were announced. See this article for information on the winners – Peter Cziraki, Stephen Ayerst and Farhan Yahya.

Finally, Osborne introduced former chair Professor Arthur Hosios to mark the early end to Professor Dwayne Benjamin's stint as chair; Benjamin has become Vice-Dean, Graduate Education at the Faculty of Arts & Science. See this article on Professor Benjamin's departure.

Below find a gallery of photos of the fall party. It was a lively event, full of conversation and great food – a wonderful way to start the new academic year.

Department of Economics Fall Party 2017

Fall Party 2017