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Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton University): “Real Wages over Time and Space

November 11th, 4:30-6:00 pm<
... Read more
New Challenges For Big Data In Economics And Finance Conference

NOVEMBER 11-12, 2016
The Fields Institute For Research In Mathematical Sciences The Fields Institute, Toronto... Read more
Rotman Research Roundtable on Gender + the Economy
November 16, 2016
Rotman School of Management, Room 1065
95 St. George Street | Toronto, ON Keynote address Using Occupational Stereotypes to Predict Race and Gender Segregation in the Workforce Barriers to Reporting: Sexual Harassment and Assault in Academia... Read more


The Department of Economics at the University of Toronto ranks among the top economics departments internationally. The teaching and research of its 75 faculty members span a wide range of fields and cover theory, applied data analysis, and econometric methodology. Around 15 PhD students, 60 MA students, and 20 MFE students enter our programs each year, and the department has over 1,800 undergraduates, with an additional 800 undergraduates at the Mississauga campus. Collaborative programs with the Rotman School of Management and the Faculty of Law allow students to undertake interdisciplinary studies at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Upcoming Seminars

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Pablo Fajgelbaum (UCLA), "Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium" (joint with Eduardo Schaal). 16:10–17:30, Max Gluskin House, room 106. Organized by Kunal Dasgupta, Diego Restuccia, and Xiaodong Zhu


Yuan Liao (Rutgers University), "The factor-Lasso and K-step bootstrap approach for inference in high-dimensional economic applications". 14:10–15:30, Max Gluskin House, room 106. Organized by Jiaying Gu and Yuanyuan Wan
Empirical microeconomics (CEPA): Jing Cai (University of Michigan), "TBA". 15:40–17:00, Max Gluskin House, room 106. Organized by Loren Brandt, Elizabeth Dhuey, and Jonathan Hall   Cancelled
Benjamin Iverson (Kellogg), "The Externalities of Bankruptcy" (joint with Shai Bernstein, Emanuele Colonnelli, and Xavier Giroud). 15:40–17:00, Max Gluskin House, room 106. Organized by Elizabeth Dhuey and Jonathan Hall

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