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Working paper 746
Gordon Anderson, "A Note on Identifying and Measuring Inclusive and Sufficientarian Growth in Ordered Categorical Outcome Environments", 2023-01-06

Abstract: Much of a societies growth and development depends upon ordered categorical variates that are not cardinally measurable, which, in the light of recent work on artificial cardinalization of ordinal variates, makes the quantification of growth in these aspects challenging. Here the notion of probabilistic distance is employed to develop growth measures in multidimensional ordered categorical environments which are analogous to their counterparts in cardinally measured paradigms. Techniques for measuring and identifying particular growth typologies together with inference procedures are outlined.

Keywords: Growth, Inclusivity, Sufficientarianism, Ordinal Information, Probabilistic Distance

JEL Classification: C1;I0;O4

Last updated on July 12, 2012