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Working paper 602

Gordon Anderson, Alessio Farcomeni, Maria Grazia Pittau, Roberto Zelli, "Multidimensional Nation Wellbeing, More Equal yet More Polarized: An Analysis of the Progress of Human Development since 1990", 2018-05-04
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Abstract: Mounting concern regarding inadequacies of per capita GDP or GNI as a source of nation wellbeing classi cation and comparison lead to the employment of multidimensional approaches with attendant concerns regarding their arbitrary and complex nature. Here, based upon commonalities in multidimensional behavior of nations, feasible, less arbitrary, classi cation methodologies and techniques for assessing wellbeing within and between groups are proposed. Implementation in a three dimensional study
of 164 countries from 1990 to 2014 in a Human Development Index (HDI) framework reveals substantive multi-dimensional growth in a slowly evolving, relatively immobile three group world exhibiting simultaneous increases in equality and polarization with a growing Lower HD class and shrinking Middle and High HD classes.

Keywords: Wellbeing, Human Development Index, Multi-dimensional Mixture Models, Class membership, Inequality, Polarization, Mobility.

JEL Classification: C14; I32; O1