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Publications of Johannes Van Biesebroeck

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  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "Flexible Manufacturing in the Canadian Automobile Industry", in Industrial Economics and Performance in Canada (edited by Z. Chen and Marc Duhamel), Industry Canada, Ottawa, to appear. (Freely available.)
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "Wages and Productivity Premiums in sub-Saharan Africa", in The Analysis of Firms and Employees (edited by Julia Lane and Stefan Bender), NBER - University of Chicago Press, Chicago, to appear.
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Timothy Sturgeon, Gary Gereffi, "Prospects for Canada in the Automotive Industry: A Global Value Chain Analysis", UNIDO, forthcoming.


  • Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Luhang Wang, Yifan Zhang, "WTO Accession and Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms", American Economic Review 107 (9) (2017), 2784–2820.


  • Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Yifan Zhang, "Creative Accounting or Creative Destruction: Firm Level Productivity Growth in Chinese Manufacturing", Journal of Development Economics 97 (2) (2012), 339–351.


  • Timothy Sturgeon, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Gary Gereffi, "Value Chains, Networks, and Clusters: Reframing the Global Automotive Industry", Journal of Economic Geography 8 (3) (2008), 297–321.
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "Aggregating and Decomposing Productivity", Review of Business and Economics 53 (2) (2008), 112–146.
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "The Sensitivity of Productivity Estimates: Revisiting Three Important Debates", Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 26 (3) (2008), 311–328.


  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "Complementarities in Automobile Production", Journal of Applied Econometrics 22 (7) (2007), 1315–1345.
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "Robustness of Productivity Estimates", Journal of Industrial Economics 55 (3) (2007), 529–569.
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "The Canadian Automotive Market", DFAIT annual research report (2007), 187–340. (Freely available.)
  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "The Cost of Flexibility", Assembly Automation 27 (1) (2007), 55–64. (Freely available.)





  • Johannes Van Biesebroeck, "The Effect of Technology Choice on Automobile Assembly Plant Productivity", Economic and Social Review 33 (1) (2002), 65–73.