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Publications of Albert Berry

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  • Albert Berry and Gustavo Indart (eds.), Critical Issues in International Financial Reform, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ, 2003.


  • Albert Berry, Morley K. Gunderson, C. Reynolds, "Canadian vs. American Labour Markets in a Context of Economic Integration and Structural Adjustment", in Labour Market Policy in Canada & Latin America: Challenges of the New Millinnium (edited by A. Berry), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Hague, 2000, 51–68.
  • Albert Berry and Frances Stewart, "Globalization, Liberalization, and Inequality: Real Causes", Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs 43, No. 1 (2000), 42–92.


  • Albert Berry, "Poverty Policy in Latin America During the 1980's", Review of Income and Wealth 43, No. 1 (1997), 119–129.
  • Albert Berry, "Small-Scale Non-Agricultural Exports as a Route to Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation", Konjunturpolitik 43, No.3 (1997), 275–298.
  • Albert Berry, "The Inequality Threat in Latin America", Latin American Research Review 32, No. 2 (1997), 3–40.


  • Albert Berry, "Creating an Enabling Policy Environment for Promotion of Small Enterprises: Traditional and Innovative Approaches", Revista de la Facultad de Economia de la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (1996), 11–48.