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Publications of Jordi Mondria

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  • Kunal Dasgupta and Jordi Mondria, "Inattentive Importers", Journal of International Economics, forthcoming.
  • Kunal Dasgupta and Jordi Mondria, "Quality Uncertainty and Intermediation in International Trade", European Economic Review, forthcoming.



  • Wioletta Dziuda and Jordi Mondria, "Asymmetric Information, Portfolio Managers, and Home Bias", Review of Financial Studies 25 (7) (2012), 2109–2154. (Freely available.)
  • Jordi Mondria and Climent Quintana-Domeque, "Financial Contagion and Attention Allocation", Economic Journal 123 (568) (2012), 429–454. (Freely available.)


  • Ricard Gil and Jordi Mondria, "Introducing Managerial Attention Allocation in Incentive Contracts", SERIEs: Journal of the Spanish Economic Association 2 (3) (2011), 335–358.


  • Jordi Mondria, "Portfolio Choice, Attention Allocation, and Price Comovement", Journal of Economic Theory 145 (5) (2010), 1837–1864. (Freely available.)
  • Jordi Mondria, Thomas Wu, Yi Zhang, "The Determinants of International Investment and Attention Allocation: Using Internet Search Query Data", Journal of International Economics 82 (1) (2010), 85–95. (Freely available.)
  • Jordi Mondria and Thomas Wu, "The Puzzling Evolution of the Home Bias, Information Processing and Financial Openness", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 34 (5) (2010), 875–896. (Freely available.)